[Tribune] Gerald Darmanin, Minister for Migrants

On Tuesday, November 22, he was questioned about the reception fiasco in the Milli Majlis.ocean viking, Gerald Darmanin described Italy as a “hostile” country, preferring to hide his incompetence behind Giorgia Meloni’s refusal to accept 234 migrants. The interior minister thought he could get away with this grave diplomatic insult. Unfortunately for him, it can’t erase his disastrous record of rising insecurity figures related to government-sanctioned immigration. But what we will definitely remember from this evaluation are the fiascos that have been accumulating for months.

The first of these, the final of the Champions League held at the Stade de France, traveled around the world. Migrants and thugs entered the stadium without tickets, robbed and sexually assaulted spectators, while the police, obeying their hierarchy, gassed innocent English and Spanish supporters. Gerald Darmanin, who turned a blind eye to the obvious connection with immigration, took refuge behind ridiculous accusations against English supporters who allegedly came with fake tickets. A month later, he will apologize to viewers who were victims of poor organization and violence on the sidelines of the final. A my fault very reserved and late…

This summer, Imam Iquiousse’s TV series raised the ridiculous image of our minister. Although Mr. Darman said he wanted to deport this anti-Semitic, homophobic and misogynist imam to Morocco (country of origin), he later fled to Belgium, where Justice has now refused to extradite him to France. The “Victory of the Republic” For this reason, which the Minister of Internal Affairs claimed, it turned into a bitter failure in a short time.

Finally, the reception scandalocean viking sadly completes this list. Faced with the refusal of Tunisia, Malta and Italy to welcome the 234 migrants on the boat, the French European Commission took over the job with a push from Mr Macron and Mr Darmani. On Thursday, November 10, the day before the ship arrived at the port of Toulon, the minister assured that in the newspaper TF1migrants can’t[aient] do not leave the administrative center » where they will be placed.

Two weeks later, a total of… four! 123 illegal immigrants who have been denied entry to French territory due to the complexity of procedures, the lack of available judges, interpreters or official defects may finally stay there, at least temporarily. During this period, 26 unaccompanied minors went missing and 66 migrants received a positive opinion for admission to the territory. Therefore, several reasons explain this fiasco, but none exonerate Mr. Darmani. The most effective solution was not to hostocean viking. The signal sent to the whole world is serious: it creates an air call that will be followed by smugglers and migrants, lured by their arrival in Europe, who are now certain that they will be met there in one way or another. According to the results of a poll conducted by the CSA Institute on November 23, 77% of French people think that the government cannot control immigration in the country. This is not a polemicocean viking this will allow us to deny this observation, because now our ministers are creating conditions for migration to be flooded.

The Minister of Internal Affairs made a serious political and diplomatic mistake by describing Italy as an “enemy” country. Moreover, he is lying because Italy is clearly a friendly country. Maintaining good relations with this strategic neighbor is essential for France, especially in managing our common borders. Gerald Darmanin probably did not digest the crushing victory of the right parties in Italy, which shows the awakening of the peoples of Europe. He knows that France will also experience the wave of patriotism he fears, because it ipso factoan end to his great ambitions.

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