Elisabeth Borne outlines pension reform

Departure age, difficulty, special diets, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced on Thursday 1er in a December interview Parisian the outlines of the strict pension reform, which will be presented to the social partners from December 15. The head of the government should bring the ministers together on this issue on Friday at 15:00.

“There are numbers, they are merciless. We have a deficit that will exceed €12 billion in 2027 and will continue to widen if we do nothing.He explained to the Prime Minister Parisian. The retirement age of 65 remains the executive’s goal, Mrs. Born emphasizes. “Campaign Loyalty”.

“A gradual increase in the retirement age from 62 to 65 by 2031 will bring the system back into balance within a decade”, he insists. However, The last round of negotiations headed by [le ministre du travail] Olivier Dussopt with social partners, just getting started”the head of government explains “If there is another way proposed by trade unions and employers’ organizations that would allow us to achieve the same result, we will explore it.”.

Emmanuel Macron’s original proposal was to gradually raise the retirement age to 65, but he told himself. “on” Deferral to age 64 with extended contribution period.

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Who will this reform affect? in the interview ParisianMatignon tenant confirms that he “It will be implemented from the summer of 2023”starting with births “In the second half of 1961”.

The principle of long career is preserved

Another question that seems to have been resolved is related to special diets. “The logic of this reform is that new recruits from special programs will join the general old-age insurance system like all private sector workers.”launched MI Thick head.

What about long careers? “The principle will be protected and even relaxed for very early starters”Elizabeth Borne promises. “In this context, we want to take parental leave periods into account when calculating the contribution period. »

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The Prime Minister also undertakes to keep it “discount cancellation age” 67 as of today.

After meetings with the unions, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne will announce her arbitration in the second week of December. Just before the Christmas holidays, a period that is not favorable for the mobilization of workers.

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Mathilde Panot, president of the La France insoumise (LFI) group in the National Assembly, promised on Friday to take the government back on pension reform. “Hemicycle or on the street”. “Not always for us. Like 80% of the French, we don’t want them and we’ll force them to retreat in the Half-Cycle or on the street”– he warned the MP on RTL.

MI Panot has already announced that his movement will participate in the demonstration that will take place on January 21, without taking into account other mobilizations before that. “We will coordinate with various organizations, I saw that there is a call from youth organizations for January 21, La France insoumise will be there”, he explained. He also claimed the right to do so “barrier” in the Assembly by proposing a series of amendments.

Elisabeth Borne, for her part, affirms that “find a way” With the Les Républicains (LR) party on this controversial pension reform. “I haven’t always been welcomed by some people” chairmen of parliamentary groups, “But I think that with others, for example Les Républicains, we should be able to find a way. »

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