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Collectif Némésis and personalities of the Nazifying radicals of the GUD posted a photo on Twitter showing a young ex-minister Nathalie Loiseau hugging a scalp.

A black-and-white photo of a young woman hugging a skinhead, clearly from the last century. In legend, “Nathalie Loiseau, please don’t forget where you came from, not too long ago you were still hugging the skins and obviously that didn’t give you a hive.” The snapshot was posted on Twitter on November 20 by Alice Cordier (alias), president of the would-be identity group Feminist Collectif Némésis. A reply to the member of the European Parliament who condemned the new provocation by far-right activists at the We Are All demonstration the day before. The struggle also resonates with the past of Nathalie Loiseau, who was a candidate on the successor list of the fascist student union GUD while studying at Sciences Po Paris. Mediapart. “It was a mistake. I was on this list to create a number, I didn’t know what it was.”he assures today He was released. The same GUD, recently reactivated, posted the photo on Twitter a few hours after Alice Cordier and announced: “Nathalie Loiseau, one of us!”

Islamophobic practices

It all started with the action of Nemeses in Paris on November 19 against violence against women in feminist organizations and trade unions. Almost every year since 2019, the Collective has infiltrated the march or positioned itself on the route to capitalize on media coverage and shout its hatred of exiles. According to these identifiers, the main cause of women’s insecurity is non-European immigrants, especially Muslims. What are the big feminist organizations that suffer from “Leftism” silent about? This year, Nemesis once again infiltrated Paris’ We All march. Ten activists (including some from a distance) gathered for about twenty minutes, some fully clothed and equipped with signs proclaiming, for example, “My Koran is my laws.” Their goal, colored by Islamophobic actions: “Show the hypocrisy of neofeminism by trolling the protest and pretending to be Islamist feminists (sic)”. We all condemned “This is a shameful and violent act [qui] engages in its usual strategy of creating misinformation about feminist discourses in an attempt to divide society against feminist and anti-racist struggles”. “Muslim women, the organization added, are victims of gender-based and sexual violence, where racist and Islamophobic violence is intertwined. We reaffirm our sisterhood and support for all women, regardless of background, religion or dress.

This move by Nemesis lacked the reverberations of previous years, and relays were few and far between, except for the (very) marked influence on the right. However, some figures were trapped, such as Nathalie Loiseau, MEP and former LREM minister for European affairs. “If Iranian women die under the beatings and bullets of the Islamist regime because they can no longer bear the pressure of the veil, who do we see in a demonstration in France that claims to fight against violence against women? amazing”, he tweeted on Nov. 19, posting a photo of Nemesis activists, he said unknowingly. A message that has been shared more than 1,700 times, and many far-right users, including Alice Cordier in particular, were delighted by the ad.

A bug that many users were quick to report to Nathalie Loiseau. The member of the European Parliament wrote without deleting his first message and then sharing it again: “Here we discover that this is a leak from the far-right group Némésis, which prides itself on its ‘coup’. What can be concluded? The far right and Islamists need each other and enjoy manipulating us. I blame both. Alice Cordier retweeted the message, posting the apparently compromised famous photo, before GUD issued a copy of it a few hours later.

“I don’t even know him”

Besides… Is Nathalie Loiseau really in this shot? In any case, the interested party vehemently denies it and admits that he has no illusions about the reason for the maneuver: “The far right is attacking me because I’m hitting on them.” In support of his claims he submitted Check the news A series of pictures of him in the late 70s and 80s. Because of this, puberty rolls around when the young woman in the photo is about her age. From these images, Check the news was able to authenticate with several sources, it appears to bear little resemblance to the supposed portrait of Nathalie Loiseau circulated by far-right activists.

“I don’t even know him” confirms together CheckNews Alice Cordier and two former Elm Poe Paris who rubbed shoulders with him on the university benches we showed the photo that GUD tweeted. First, Jean-Yves Camus, now a stalwart and leading observer of the university’s far right, assures us that his former classmate never “Frequent right-wing circles in school”. The latter prefers to remain anonymous. From the same promotion as the future minister and also very left-wing, he adds: Nathalie Ducoulombier [son nom de jeune fille, ndlr] I don’t see how he would have met this young man if he had frequented the Neuilly petty bourgeoisie instead of skinhead circles.”

“Nathalie would never meet people like that”

“I don’t know him”, assures Pascal Gastino, vice-president of the Association of Investigative Magistrates, whose photo we show later. Nathalie Loiseau who says she knows “from high school” He studied at the Lycée Carnot, then at Sciences Po, adding: “She was quite small and delicate, but shy and reserved at the same time, certainly not the style of this young woman.” Lawyer Nicolas Bodson asked for the same story on his side. Caroline Schechter, now a senior civil servant and who was “very friend” With Nathalie Loiseau at this exact moment: “Nathalie would never meet people like that”about the young man in the photo. “I don’t appreciate this shot” assures us “I have known him since I was 18 years old and I can assure you that he is not in that photo. He didn’t have such a round, plump head, but very thin, oval-faced, almond-shaped eyes.

Contact Alice Cordier is less positive in her Nov. 20 tweet. Today he calls a message “instead of taking it in a humorous tone”. Then to clarify in response to our questions about the origin of this image: “It was sent to me privately a long time ago, I can’t say exactly where it came from. […] I kept it warm. Is he sure this is really a picture of Nathalie Loiseau? “I like to believe it’s him”Says the president of Nemesis Collective. “But I can’t be sure of that.” That didn’t stop him from posting it without warning on the open social network, which has more than 15,000 subscribers.

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