Yves Thréard’s rant against Cyril Hanouna’s broadcasts

FIGARO LIVE – The journalist continues his series of interviews dedicated to Africa in Great Interviews this Sunday, December 4 at 11pm on LCP.

The guest of “Buzz TV”, the deputy editor of Le Figaro takes the opportunity to talk about magazines that mix entertainment and politics. With his usual sincerity.

TV MAGAZINE. – Do viewers have to be passionate about Africa to appreciate your interviews?
Yves THREAD. – No, because I want to make these interviews available to everyone. It is true that Africa is a huge continent and the problems are not necessarily the same as in Europe. The French do not necessarily know the interlocutors from this part of the world whom I invite to my show. They are writers, intellectuals, politicians or singers. Through my questions, they try to facilitate all economic, political and cultural issues. The purpose of this meeting is to introduce Africa to those who do not know it and to present their views to those who already know it. This continent has incredible riches!

Is the goal also to outline the Africa of tomorrow?
Yes, indeed. I want to show what the Africa of tomorrow will be or can be. Because, as Pierre Dac said, forecasting is a very difficult science, especially when it comes to the future. Africa is often presented as the continent of all troubles, all disasters. When talking about this area, it is always very pessimistic… With this series of interviews, I try to show its great potential in terms of geography, intelligence and creativity without hiding its difficulties and sometimes very painful. Music, literature and cuisine are infused with what was created there.

This Sunday, you will be hosting the former Prime Minister of Benin, Lionel Zins. How do you choose the people you take into your chair?
Everything has to be done in a studio, so I have to record these interviews when I come to Paris. This is the first difficulty. Next, I wanted to have interlocutors who were not all of the same nationality. Sometimes they come from Rwanda, like Dafroza Gauthier, who will appear in two weeks. He is the one who is looking for all the perpetrators of this brutal genocide. I remembered: 800,000 deaths in three months in Rwanda in 1994. I also accept the Cameroonian novelist Kalixthe Beyala, without forgetting the Algerian writer Boualem Sansal.

“Insanity and disrespect in the National Assembly goes a little too far”

Yves Thréard, guest of “Buzz TV”.

You can also submitLe Figaro Politics Clubevery Tuesday at 8pm on Figaro Live. How is this meeting different from all other political programs on television or radio?
I have four debaters with me, three of them from Le Figaro. This shows that there is an absolutely immeasurable wealth of people in this group, with journalists of all generations and very different sensibilities. Some are very conservative and know international relations like the back of their hand, while others are very liberal and have very high skills in economics.

Today, politics revolves around Sandrine Rousseau’s outings and invectives in the National Assembly. How do you still like politics?
We complain that there is some confusion in the hemisphere, but we are very sorry that nothing is happening there, there has been no debate and questioning. There I would say that it is the opposite. Too much, crazy and irreverent goes a little too far. But it is the French who want to elect the deputies!

Today, elected officials and members of the government no longer hesitate to attend Cyril Hanoun’s shows. Is this good or bad news for politics?
Bad news for me… I have nothing to say about the Hanouna show, but when you go there, you know why and what’s going to happen. Politicians have nothing to complain about being cheated on…

You mean Louis Boyard, who debated the host live.Don’t touch my TV!»…
He knew very well where he was stepping. When you go to this kind of show, you are provoked and can get confused very easily. It gives a rather nasty and reductive image of the noble art of politics. It is about the life of the nation and not about the show. Marlène Schiappa was one of the first to succumb to Cyril Hanouna’s sirens. He realized that this was a way for him to reach a young audience, and he was not wrong. But these viewers can get information through many means and without watching television.

“They Sabotaged France Soir… It’s Heartbreaking”

Yves Thréard, guest of “Buzz TV”.

You are the editorial director and deputy general manager of France Soir. Today, this brand is associated with conspiracy and fake news. As of yesterday, the site is no longer considered an online press service. How do you feel about the decline of France Soir?
This is heartbreaking for me. This is tragic! When you think about it, this newspaper was the nugget of the French press during the time of Pierre Lazaref. When we left France Soir in 1999, we were still selling 170,000 copies on newsstands! They sabotaged this newspaper.

You are the deputy editor of the newspaper Figaro. Is there life or death between you and this newspaper?
yes, Le Figaro is a princess. She is a young girl who will celebrate her 200th birthday in 2026. It is one of the oldest newspapers in Europe and knows how to modernize itself very well. We are making a television program as proof of this Figaro !

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