The cheapest Tesla is currently the Model Y in France

Tesla has unveiled a new configuration of its Model Y in Europe, an exclusively electric SUV based on the Model 3 sedan, powered by a single engine instead of two and, above all, a new battery with a smaller capacity. Theoretical autonomy of 455 km WLTP. The Model Y Grande Autonomie adds almost 80 km of autonomy and superior performance thanks to a second front-mounted engine.

Rumors have been around for some time that the Model Y Veloce is coming to Europe, based on the model that Tesla offers in some countries in Asia. The surprise comes from aggressive sales pricing at a time when component shortages are driving up prices across the industry. Coming in under the €50,000 mark, the Model Y is the cheapest Tesla, ahead of the Model 3 Speed, which starts at €53,490, excluding bonuses. Admittedly, the sedan benefits from theoretical autonomy and superior performance thanks to better efficiency, but this new Model Y will be a hit if the manufacturer manages to produce enough.

The configurator is currently announcing deliveries between the end of this year and February 2023 for the non-optioned base version. These entry-level Model Ys will be built at Tesla’s Shanghai factory, not Berlin, focusing on the top of the range for now. By the way, rumors leading to the arrival of the new Blade batteries, supplied by new supplier BYD, listed the Berlin factory as the destination, but that was clearly a mistake. Plus, the battery is LFP chemistry, but it looks like it might be similar to the Model 3 Glider, so it’s always supplied by CATL.

Granted, Tesla doesn’t provide any specs on battery capacity, but the Model Y is rated at around 60 kWh, compared to the Long Range and Performance’s 79 kWh. It will have a maximum power of 170 kW at fast charging terminals, and 250 kW for other versions. These batteries should use Model 3 Propulsion’s LFP technology, but with an improved formulation that will increase their energy density. This Glide version is 70kg lighter in any case, which should improve its efficiency.

The specifications provided by Tesla are very light, as always with the manufacturer.

Unlike the Model 3 Propulsion, the base Model Y makes no compromises on its interior and offers the same features and functions. The only differences are a smaller motor and a lower capacity battery, which makes it a great offering nowadays. With its large tailgate and more spacious interior, the Model Y is arguably the best Tesla for most needs, especially at this price.

This aggressive pricing is the clearest hint that Elon Musk has ever given the car since its launch. In addition to being the most popular car in Tesla’s catalog, the Model Y is also on track to become the best-selling car in the world. We are still far from this second goal, but the first one is already a reality and will increase with this new version.

Model Y Propulsion is available throughout Europe, with prices varying slightly from country to country. In Belgium, Tesla tried once, charging the same price as in France. This is the same price as 49,990 € in Italy and the Netherlands, on the other hand, it is shown at 53,990 € in Germany or even 54,990 CHF in Switzerland.

Updated on 26/08/2022 09:15 : details provided by Tesla about the manufacturing plant, internal equipment and maximum charging capacity.

Updated on 26/08/2022 11:30 : Accuracy in battery matching LFP chemistry as Model 3 Propulsion.

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