Quiche Lorraine, quick and easy recipe

Free time, prepare a quiche, pie or cake with the children, a simple and good meal for dinner, an easy and quick French recipe. Who doesn’t have a favorite man with bacon or vegetables, tuna, salmon and leeks? In a hurry, no time to cook… a recipe with a good cake ready in 30 minutes, easy and quick, homemade quiche is the best!

Tired, on the way home from work, no desire, no time to cook. Quiche Lorraine is the dish for you. As an aperitif with a meal, lunch or dinner, this traditional delicious tart has gone far beyond its region of origin. A small traditional dish and not expensive to prepare, the famous Lorraine quiche is for the whole family, it is available according to their choice and generally to their children, they like it like a cake, but it is salty, delicate and it is very important for them to eat vegetables. for health!

You can skip this recipe entirely by making a vegetarian quiche. The principle of the dough remains the same and the composition changes.

A few ingredients, an oven and presto! quick to sit and ready to eat, not too much food, easy to cook, so you want a quiche?

A little history of the famous man

Probably from Lorraine heritage and the word “Küchen” (cake), Lorraine quiche is a delicious cake with pieces of bacon stuffed with Gruyère cheese. You can find it everywhere, in fast food restaurants, in all bakeries, even in catering and delicatessens.

The Quiche Lorraine industry was highly developed in Europe, but it was able to spread abroad. Frozen, sous-vide, best fresh, you’ll make it now.

Quiche Lorraine recipe:

– Ingredients (for 4 or 6 people):

Preferably healthier and tastier products.

230 g ready-made pastry dough (if possible, yogurt dough)

150 g of grated Emmental cheese

20 g of heavy cream

200 g wood-smoked pork or small pieces of smoked pork

2 eggs


Butter or sunflower or grape seed oil

Don’t add salt with pork chops!

Tools, utensils: pie dish, whisk, fork, knife, tablespoon and large bowl.

For 4 or 6 people depending on the portion size.


Preheat the oven to 240°C.

Put the dough, including the edges, in a bowl that has been previously completely greased with butter or oil (grapeseed or sunflower). Put it gently, without tearing. Line the edges with excess dough on all sides of the dough. Then poke the dough around the bottom and sides with a fork. About twenty spikes are pointed and designed to pierce the dough, not so much to air it out.

Crack 2 eggs into a bowl, then use a whisk, fork or electric mixer to make a fine omelette. Add a few pinches of pepper, but add salt (the pork chops are quite salty).

Stir the jar of fresh cream on its own for a few minutes with a fork so that there is liquid in the jar. Then pour the cream into a large bowl of beaten eggs. Again, mix the mixture well with a whisk. Attention, there is a trap at this point: it is imperative that the mixture of cream and eggs is perfect, that the union is whole and liquid, harmonious and perfectly liquid and mixed.

Poorly mixed cream will give an uneven and broken quiche after baking, which will be less tasty.

Arrange the slices of raw bacon (do not cook them at the risk of making them too crispy) in the bottom of the dish, and scatter them. Then pour the cream mixture over the pie, covering the bacon slices. Spread the grated cheese over the entire surface.

Cooking and tasting:

After preheating the oven to 240°C for ten minutes or more… Place the food on the middle rack of the oven.

Cooking will be done at 200 ° C for about thirty minutes. Check from time to time, the quiche swells like a balloon. Don’t worry, it won’t blow away, the heat and steam sometimes stays under the crust. Using a sharp knife, you can tap the gourmet paste on the puffy areas so that it falls back and creates heat. At the end of cooking, remove the mushroom from the oven without burning your fingers.

Enjoy warm or hot, or even cold (store in a tupperware).

A few slices of baked potato with a green salad is also very popular. There are variations, garnished with a little parsley, a few cherry tomatoes on top, extra vegetables… One thing is for sure, this is what a Lorraine man tastes like.

A lot is possible based on this recipe, a little imagination and thought and magic happens, salmon and leek quiche, tuna, pumpkin… enjoy your meal.


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