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Children eventually understand that it is not good to tell the whole truth. And then, is all politics the same? Not really. Hosted for dinner by children’s book author and illustrator André Bouchard, parents will be silent in front of their children who demand to talk politics at the table.

This article is from Libé special children’s authors. For the fourth year, Liberation presents youth colors and texts for the Montreuil Book Fair, which opens its doors on November 30. Find all articles here.

This is a thorny and delicate subject that I propose to tackle through this story. The action takes place in the same atmosphere of confusion and excitement that we all experience when we invite friends over for dinner. We sat for a while and the topics of conversation were going well, except of course politics, which was very “divisive”. We were talking about the quality of the cotton, so much so that the little boy was wearing his third new pair of pants since the school year. the nose in the middle of the figure (no word for the moustache), the price of a kilo of potatoes seems to have increased – it is not understandable, and if it continues, the mashed potatoes are reserved exclusively for the executives of CAC 40 – and the composition of the sauce that accompanies the chicken… We are there we were, then a small voice put an end to this eloquent polyphony.

“Dad, are you right or left?” our guests’ 8-year-old daughter asked innocently. — “Politics is not for children! The only thing that could come out of a political discussion with you would be incompetence or even gross stupidity, and I’m being polite! reacts violently to my guest.

After a heavy silence, I sensed a secret exchange of glances between the children, and then dinner was over. — “Do you know why pants wear out faster and faster?” my 9 year old son asked. — “To sell more!” the guests’ daughter replied dryly. — “Also, most of our used clothes are sent to Africa where they are collected and then dumped in open dumps!” added my son. — “Not to mention the exploitation of children working in the cotton fields!” My 11-year-old daughter completes the idea.

– Why do you dye your mustache black? – my mischievous son asked the guest. — “To stay young and handsome, big boy, I don’t want to look like your father! Ah ah!” taunted my hateful guest. — “Some men refuse to grow old because they want to be carefree and carefree for as long as possible!” I scoffed. — “Irresponsible and careless like the bosses of the CAC 40, burning coal and oil with their greed, contributing to fueling the capitalist movement that is crushing the whole world, spewing billions of cubic meters of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.” artificializing our farmlands, even by spreading synthetic chemical molecules that change your generation, that is, us. We live in a warmer world, glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising. Will we have to grow into it?– my sweet daughter gasped from her tirade.

“Nonsense!” the guest sighed. — “Ah, because Macron doesn’t talk nonsense, does he? reacts enthusiastically to her daughter. It is a serial killer of our social achievements. How far will these social regressions take us? Until you go back to the 19th century? “Because in the 19th century, you don’t find many reforms for the benefit of social progress. On the other hand, there is work!” My lovely and elegant daughter intervened with a book in her hand. “There’s even something for everyone, let me read you a piece of it Capital By Karl Marx: “A fact which cannot better characterize the government of the bourgeois king Louis-Philippe is that the only production law passed during his reign […] never entered into force. And this law only deals with child labor. It defines eight hours for children aged 8-12, twelve hours for children aged 12-16, etc., with numerous exceptions allowing night work even for 8-year-olds.” After that, do you still think that politics is not for children? – asked the charming daughter of our guests, looking at her father.

“Okay guys, I admit defeat! Trust me, I hope there is nothing political in this great sauce!”

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