Our recipe ideas that will make the whole family fall in love with endive

It is not easy to change our daily menu and make children eat vegetables. However, there is one that lends itself to many preparations and is even included in our favorite recipes: chicory. In quiche, veloute, carbonara and even pizzas… Discover our recipe ideas to please both young and old.

Crunchy, thirst-quenching, and above all, cheap and easy to cook, endive has more than one trick to get itself on our table! Needless to say, it has many fitness and health benefits. Excellent for digestion, a source of calcium and potassiumthat too rich in vitamins (B9 and C) and polyphenols fights against cell aging. So why deprive yourself of it?

In addition, they are the most common endives that we find in market stalls and on the shelves of our supermarkets It is produced in France, or rather for 90% of them in the north. If the chicory developed in northern Europe, especially in Belgium, we are here today It is the leading producer of Europe and the world. Since 2008, endive producers in France (Producer Organization Association) have brought together all endive production and its diversification products. The latter consists of 10 member producer organizations, around which the sector gathers 400 farms, 350 of which are in the Hauts-de-France region. A good reason to give this exceptional product the place it deserves in our kitchens! Whether your birds are red like Carmine®, white like Carmine®, or even serrated like Barbucine®… Here’s something to inspire you to switch from turkey to ham.

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Our recipe ideas for cooking endive

or gratin

It’s a safe bet! As well as being ultra-gourmet and regressive, gratin is perfect for getting kids to eat vegetables and thus gently allowing them to discover new flavors. With homemade béchamel and a generous layer of cheese, the endive gratin has everything to make us happy. Feel free to replace the traditional grated cheese with cheddar, Comté, or even blue cheese (bleu de Bresse, Auvergne, or even Roquefort) to change up the flavors. To get kids to love endive, we’d prefer a soft cheese like Emmentaler or fresh goat cheese.

Editor’s Tip: To save time and get a tender result, pre-cook the meat in a skillet over medium heat for 10 minutes before placing it in a gratin dish with your other ingredients of choice (bacon, ham, chorizo, shredded chicken, etc.). ).

> Our chicory gratin recipes:

In various soups and stews

We think less about it, but chicory is readily available in soups and stews. They are perfect for warming up when the temperature starts to drop. There are 1001 recipes to enjoy. Thus, large quantities can be prepared to save daily time and prepare meals in advance. Plus, the soup is an ideal recipe when you want to start a batch in winter.

Editor’s Tip: Cut a baguette into small pieces to enhance your soup. Heat some olive oil in a pan and fry the croutons. They can be enjoyed as is or rubbed with a clove of garlic. Otherwise, opt for 20-minute oven-roasted chickpeas with chilli or curry!

> Our soup and soup recipes:

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Daily recipes…

Risotto, lasagna, tartiflette and even carbonara… The great classics of our dishes are also revisited with chicory for an original and gourmet touch. Quiches, croques and pizzas, which are inedible in the evening and lunch, will also please the children at the table. And since this vegetable is not intended only for the main course, chicory can be eaten as an aperitif for our greatest pleasure: dishes decorated with tuna, colorful verrines or delicious muffins… Let your creativity and appetite be yours.

> Our daily recipe ideas:

… And even for dessert!

No, you are not dreaming and your eyes are not playing tricks on you! Endives are also available in sweet recipes for the more adventurous. Especially if we are used to tasting a cheese plate, this vegetable full of surprises is easily cooked for dessert!

did you know Endive also goes really well with chocolate! It can be incorporated into full-bodied cocoa mousse, endive and apple crumble, endive confit sweet tartlets, orange and mascarpone cream… Yes, I had to think about that. So, are you ready to get started?

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