What Bruno Le Maire said at the Protestant Dinner

His speeches resonated in the vast amphitheater of Station F, the world’s largest startup campus, which opened in 2017 in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, and received a standing ovation. On the evening of Monday, November 28, the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, was one of the guests of honor at the second edition. “Protestant Dinner” Organized by the French Protestant Federation (FPF), the Protestant Mutual Aid Federation (FEP) and the Cercle Charles Gide (1) in connection with the newspaper. Reform.

“I would like to tell you – from a Catholic point of view – what I think Protestantism can bring to the world and to our society today: (…) a different view of the economy, [pour laquelle] must continue the struggle” Bruno Le Maire emphasized, during this charity event, the focus was on Protestant youth who had created “for the common good” and brought together about 450 guests who were both Lutheran-Reformed and Evangelical. “I deeply believe in “political economy” in the noblest sense of the term, (…); it is an economy that means to say loud and clear that the goal is not to increase inequalities, but to reduce them, which fights (…) for fair compensation for labor (…)”.

End of life

President Emmanuel Macron is talking about a change in end-of-life legislation, and a citizen’s convention of 150 French people by lot must discuss it from December 9. life medical support, potentially legalizing a “active assistance in dying”The Minister of Economy also spoke on the subject.

“Protestants have something to say about this debate, with their commitment to the common good and a deep respect for human personality.” he hammered before clarifying his thoughts on the subject. “I am sure there is a needto offer each of our compatriots a dignified and dignified end of life by making sure that palliative care units are open to everyone without difficulty (…). But in addition, before coming to a certain position, you should argue, ask yourself questions, and respect each other’s position.”

A message to the authorities

During the first edition of this annual dinner, like his predecessor Francois Clavairoli from 2013 to 2022, in front of Emmanuel Macron and Interior Minister Gerald Darmani, the reformist pastor Christian Krieger, president of the FPF since the summer, addressed several messages to the state. authorities. He insisted on four points in the community that attracted the attention of the Protestant world, first of all its commitment “For Climate Justice” – reminding “the need for a paradigm shift” – and his care “Equality between men and women”.

These young Protestants who want to engage in new networks of influence

He also dwelt on the issue of end-of-life before discussing the difficult application of the law affirming respect for republican principles (known as “separatism”), which the FPF intends to continue to mobilize for: “The humanization of death is a topic that deserves everyone’s attention. (…). FPF will actively participate in this debate. He welcomed the cautious nature of Opinion 139 of the National Advisory Council of Ethics and especially the promotion of the necessary measures for the development of palliative care, as well as for better knowledge and application of the Claeys-Leonetti law (… ) However, he advises his pastors and churches to accompany those who ask if they can think of it. [de mourir dignement] whatever their choice.


It should be noted that 200 Christians, Lutheran-reformers and evangelical organizers from all over France, aged 20-45, working in many different fields, were invited. ” The purpose of this dinner is to encourage young Protestants based on the spirituality of the movement. Christian Krieger explained. Five of them reiterated their spiritual and professional journeys in the community during a roundtable discussion with Sarah El Hayri, Secretary of State for Youth and National National Service.

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