Political and social agenda until August

Antoine Pavamani offers a calendar of events for the coming weeks, whether political, diplomatic, sporting or cultural. This extends until the end of August 2022.

What didn’t happen in June:

  • On June 22, the National Council for Reconstruction (CNR) was launched,
  • Presentation of the reform proposal for the Stability and Growth Pact by the European Commission (postponed to the start of the academic year),
  • Presentation of the Sauvé report on the General Estate of Justice (postponed to July).


Week 28

28-30: NATO summit, Madrid (adoption of new strategic concept)
28-29: French Court of Victims, Nevers (58)
28-29: PFUE, board of directors of the Europol agency, Lille
28-29: Exhibition of the association of mayors of Île-de-France, Porte de Versailles, Paris

Wednesday, June 29

  • Publication of the annual report of the High Climate Council
  • Election of presidents of XVI groupse Legislature of the National Assembly (for groups that have not already done so)
  • Verdict in the November 13 attacks trial (special trial)

Thursday, June 30

  • France’s presidency of the European Union has ended
  • XVI first conference of presidentse Apparatuses of the legislative body and the committees of the Milli Mejlis (the main issue is the election of the president to the Finance Committee)
  • Emmanuel Macron participated in the UN conference on oceans in Lisbon
  • Insee, inflation publication for June
  • activation British Project By Tony Blair
  • 5e Anniversary of the death of Simone Veil
  • 50e Anniversary of the first McDonald’s restaurant in France, Créteil (94)
  • Colloquium on Competitiveness of the Court of Auditors (Pierre Moscovici, Bruno Le Maire, Paolo Gentiloni)
  • Investigation of Patrick Balkany’s release request
  • France Télévisions vote of no confidence against Laurent Guimier, director of information
  • Retirement of the first president of the Court of Cassation, Chantal Arens
  • Eurockéennes de Belfort (90) until July 2
  • “Dying at thirty”: 40e anniversary of the launch of minitel and 10e anniversary of his death
  • end of recruitment help #1jeune1solution
  • End of “France Relance” study aid
  • 30 and 1er July: national meetings “Plastic, change course!” », Brest (29)
  • Broadcast of the documentary “One President, Europe and War”, France 2
  • Broadcast of the documentary about Jean Castex, “Last days at Matignon”, France 2
  • the deadline for receiving the administrative account in local authorities
  • Possible closure of Poitou foundry, Châtellerault (86)
  • you can familiarize yourself with the decisions of administrative courts public information
  • allocation of state-guaranteed loans has ended
  • End of June: Senate report on the organization of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games


  • European Central Bank interest rate hike (July 21)
  • Increase in retirement pensions (+4%)
  • Launch of the Stakeholder Conference on Health and Education (Announcement of the President of the Republic, Cherbourg Announcements 30 May 2022)
  • Breakthrough Day (2021: July 29, possibly early 2022)
  • Submission of the Sauvé report on the General Estate of Justice
  • US President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel and Saudi Arabia (mid-July)
  • move from Let it go in the new building (Paris 13e)
  • Valery Niket’s defamation trial by Huawei France
  • TotalEnergies exits Burma
  • Presentation of PLU, Paris
  • Publication of a list of hacker sites by ARCOM
  • Start of production of France’s first offshore wind turbine, Saint-Nazaire (44)

Friday 1er july

  • 25e Hong Kong handover anniversary with Xi Jinping (first visit outside mainland China since 2020)
  • health flash audit result (François Braun)
  • Return of the President of the Republic to France
  • revaluation of individual housing assistance (APL) (+3.5%)
  • combination of auctioneers and bailiffs
  • entry into force of the new regime on changing the surname (right to change the name)
  • Resumption of production at Stellantis sites in Rennes (35) and Sochaux (25) (semiconductor shortage)
  • opening of the exhibition Cabu paintings from the Vel d’Hiv collection At the Shoah Memorial in Paris
  • The Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union begins
  • The capture of Laurent Guillot at the head of Orpé
  • the end of the bonus for the purchase of an electric vehicle
  • Decision on the validity of the proceedings against Thierry Soère (appeal)
  • Verdict at the Paris Court of Appeal regarding the trial of the former executives of “France Telecom” who were found guilty of institutional “moral pressure”
  • 10e Anniversary of the installation of pianos in SNCF stations
  • 1-24:109e Tour de France from Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 1-3: Les Guinguettes du Monde festival, Corbeil-Essonnes (91)
  • reclosing of restaurant tickets to nineteen euros per day
  • reducing the environmental bonus for the purchase of an electric car

Saturday, July 2

  • Launching of 33e “Fort Boyard” season
  • airline holiday
  • The first match of France’s 15th summer tour in Japan
  • 2-7: Pope’s visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • 2-3: Federal Council European Ecology Greens (EELV)

Sunday July 3rd

Week 29

Cabinet Change Week (“New Action Government”)

Tuesday, July 5

  • General policy speech by Elisabeth Borne (to be confirmed)
  • 60e Anniversary of the declaration of independence of Algeria
  • undergraduate results
  • The first quotations of Deezer stock on the Paris Stock Exchange
  • Court of appeal of Wilfried Schwartz, former president of Tours Métropole Val de Loire, for “intentional violence resulting in total incapacity for work for less than eight days by a person holding a public authority”, Chamber of Correction of the Court of Appeal of Orléans

Wednesday, July 6

  • presentation of the purchasing power package to the Council of Ministers (to be approved)
  • National strike over SNCF salaries
  • 6-31: Women’s European Football Championship, England

Thursday, July 7

  • the start of the school holidays
  • 7-26:76e Edition of the Avignon Festival (84)

Friday July 8

  • 60e Anniversary of Franco-German peace, Reims (51)
  • shareholder voted to restructure Pierre et Vacances
  • Trial of Jérôme Rodrigues on charges of “organising a prohibited demonstration” and “participation in a group formed to commit violence”, criminal court, Paris
  • Trial of Michel Platini and Sepp Blatter on suspicion of fraud, breach of trust, mismanagement and forgery of title, Federal Criminal Court, Bellinzona, Switzerland
  • 8-10: Economic meetings in Aix (13)

Saturday, July 9

  • The second game of France’s XV summer tour in Japan
  • 9-10: Wimbledon final, London, England

Sunday, July 10

  • Women’s Soccer Euro, France-Italy, Rotherham, England
  • Moslem Festival of sacrifice
  • Council of mayors of the Party of Horizons in Paris
  • 10-14: Sea festivals in Brest (29)
  • 17-25: Paris Saint-Germain tour to Japan

30th week

Monday July 11th

  • The extraordinary session of the Milli Majlis begins
  • Beginning of coaching experience in the ATP tennis circuit (having a coach next to the player during breaks)

Tuesday, July 12

  • Board of Directors of the Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Cojo)
  • Initiation of the accession process of the European Union, the ECOFIN Council and Croatia to the euro area (effective from 1er January 2023)

Wednesday, July 13

  • 13-17: La Rochelle Francofolies (17)

Thursday, July 14

  • French National Day
  • Women’s Soccer Euro, France-Belgium, Rotherham, England

Friday July 15

  • The contract of the advisors of the President of the Republic for the years 2017-2022 has ended
  • Entry into force of rent control, Bordeaux (33)
  • 15-18: Cinema Paradiso festival, Cour Carrée du Louvre, Paris
  • 15-24: World Athletics Championships, Eugene, Oregon, USA

Saturday, July 16

  • 16-17: 80e Anniversary of the gathering of Vel’ d’Hiv
  • 16: Working day on the future of the left organized by Stephane Le Foll with the participation of Bernard Cazeneuve, Carole Delga and Loïg Chesnay-Girard, Arnage (72).

31st week

  • 18: Women’s Soccer Euro, France-Iceland, Rotherham, England
  • 18: Consideration of the draft law on purchasing power, Milli Majlis
  • 18-19: State visit of the President of the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, to France
  • 19: end of sale
  • 20: Opening of the Marvel Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris
  • 21: Governing Council of the European Central Bank (rate increase)
  • 21: Confederation of African Football (CAF) awards night and presentation of the African Ballon d’Or, Morocco
  • 24: French Grand Prix, Formula 1, Le Castellet (83)
  • 24-31:18e Women’s Tour de France
  • 24-30: Pope’s visit to Canada

32nd week

  • 25: constitutional referendum, Tunisia
  • 25: The trial of Benjamin Mendy, accused of rape, attempted rape and sexual assault, begins in Chester, England
  • 27: publication of quarterly Pôle Emploi figures
  • 28:100e Anniversary of the death of Jules Guesde
  • 29-2 August: 24e International AIDS Conference, Montreal, Canada
  • 31: Champions Cup, PSG-Nantes, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 31: football match, Olympique de Marseille-Milan AC, Stade Vélodrome, Marseille (13)
  • 31: Women’s Euro final, Wembley, England
  • 31: the theoretical end of the health emergency
  • 31: cancellation of the discount of 15-18 cents per liter at the pump (to be confirmed)


  • IPCC report
  • Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference (NPT)
  • 1: Increase in Livret A ratio (to be confirmed)
  • 6-7: Restoration of the French football championship
  • 9: presidential and legislative elections, Kenya
  • 9: start of payment of revalued pensions in July (+4%)
  • 15: Assumption
  • 14:75e independence day of pakistan
  • 15:1er Afghanistan, anniversary of the fall of Kabul
  • 15:75e India’s independence anniversary
  • 19-28:22e Francophonie Games, Kinshasa
  • 20:100e Anniversary of the first Women’s Olympic Games held in Paris
  • 21: International Day of Remembrance for the victims of terrorism
  • 21: first broadcast Dragon Housea spin-off Game of ThronesHBO
  • 25-27: Jackson Hole Global Forum (meeting of central bankers), Wyoming, United States of America
  • 25-27: EELV summer days, Grenoble (38)
  • August 26-28: Summer universities of the Socialist Party, Blois
  • 26: Men’s Volleyball World Cup, Slovenia (until September 11)

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