Shopping: Decathlon Reworks Protein Powder Recipes (WHEY PROTEIN – Corength)

For several months, the Decathlon brand has been selling a new formula of “WHEY PROTEIN” consisting of 5 ingredients.

The company now uses a deliberately short and understandable list of ingredients of natural origin. It transfers its production and sourcing, combining 50% French-sourced proteins and 50% Dutch/Belgian/German-sourced proteins. Decathlon has also reduced the number of ingredients in its recipes.

The goal: to get rid of unnecessary substances to leave more room for the main, proteins. These new WHY PILLARS are therefore not only healthier, but also more effective.

In a world where consumers are more attentive to the quality of their food, Decathlon is committed to supporting all sports profiles (from athletes to neophytes) not only in their sports experiences but also in their diets.


– Optimal protein concentration: 21g for 5.2g of BCAA per shake
– steviol glycosides from the South American plant Stevia rebaudiana, whose leaves contain sweetening molecules.
– Acacia gum, natural fiber, for smoothness
– And 100% natural flavors

Only 110 kcal per serving (for vanilla flavor). These new recipes are free of artificial flavors and sweeteners with a balanced and long-lasting taste.

“It was important for us to offer you new serum recipes. New Whey made from a simplified recipe, with a deliberately short and understandable list of ingredients » Proteins and Food Additives Product Manager Nicolas Polo explains in a press release. “We had one goal: make this new Decathlon protein perfectly meet your nutritional needs or exercise and fitness goals, while freeing you from artificial flavors”

On the merchant website, new WHEY PROTEIN is available in several varieties : vanilla, cookies and cream, chocolate, strawberry… Count €23 for a 900g bag.

Proteins, yes, but to whom? For everyone!

For fitness enthusiasts and athletes (cross training, bodybuilding, etc.) who want to achieve their goals.

• For athletes (regular or beginners), active adults who want to keep in shape and have a healthy exercise program.


Proteins are made up of amino acids and are essential for the functioning of the body.
and building your muscle fibers.

When you engage in a sporting activity, your body uses nutrients to provide itself with the energy it needs to perform the physical effort. It uses not only carbohydrates, but also proteins.

Therefore, it is necessary to consume a sufficient amount of protein:
1. To maintain or increase muscle mass
2. To improve your recovery after exercise (muscle recovery)
3. To boost metabolism during vigorous exercise.

As an athlete, your needs are higher than average. WHEY PROTEIN supplements your protein intake while controlling your calorie intake.

Eating protein will make it easier for you to reach your goals, whether you’re gaining muscle mass or getting back in shape.


For bodybuilding enthusiasts, it is recommended to consume 1.7-2 g of protein per kilogram of body weight every day. For example, an athlete weighing 80 kg should consume 136 to 160 g of protein per day, which is equivalent to 5-6 chicken breasts of 100 grams.

With WHY PROTEIN, covering the protein intake of even the biggest athletes becomes child’s play: all you need to do is add a few scoops to your daily diet. A simple reflex to take daily to optimize your intake.

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WHEY PROTEIN is designed to be easily included in the daily life of athletes at any time of the day:
• 4-5 scoops to add to recipes for smoothies, pancakes, cakes…
• Or for insiders, 2 scoops to take in a shaker with 150ml water, vegetable drink
or milk.

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