Prize for sexism in politics: Emmanuel Macron among the winners

The Observatory on Gender-Based and Sexual Violence in Politics organized an award ceremony honoring Emmanuel Macron, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Gerald Darmani.

“Calm down, Madame, everything will be fine,” Gerald Darmanin told journalist Apolline de Malherbe in February. A speech that earned her a lot of criticism and was adopted by the Observatory on Gender-Based and Sexual Violence in Politics to name an award ceremony for sexism in politics was considered sexist. This Friday, November 25, the evening “It will be good” “honored” the Minister of the Interior, as well as Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

The tone was meant to be ironic, but the message couldn’t have been more serious. The Observatory on Gender-Based and Sexual Violence in Politics was created in the wake of the #MeTooPolitique movement. It was co-founded by Alice Coffin, Councilor of EELV in Paris, Madeline da Silva, Socialist Deputy Mayor of Lilas (Seine-Saint-Denis), Helène Goutany, journalist, Fiona Texeire, Councilor of Paris City Hall and Mathilde Viot. , Danièle Obono and François Ruffin (LFI) former parliamentary staff and public law lawyer.

The date was clearly not chosen by chance, as the “It will be good” ceremony was organized on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Ten winners were awarded seven prizes at the night held at the town hall of the 12th arrondissement of Paris.

The “Godfather” award was jointly awarded to Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Mélenchon. According to the Observatory on Sexism and Sexual Violence in Politics, this “award” recognizes “great men who courageously protect their friends.” […] ensuring their immunity from the media court or the court itself”.

The leader of La France insoumise is being particularly targeted for his support of Adrien Quatennens, who admitted to abusing his wife. He owes the title of the President of the Republic to the fact that he “shelters in the bosom of the government so many men who will be honored tonight.”

Gerald Darmanin was awarded the “Best Hope” award. The latter rewards “those who can avoid the pitfalls set by ruthless feminists, who manage to play fair with the press to clear their unjustly tarnished reputations.” In 2017, the Minister of Internal Affairs was the subject of complaints of rape, sexual harassment and breach of trust. He was fired in July of last year, the complainant appealed.

The ‘Shattered Career’ award was not awarded

Damien Abad, accused by three women of sexual assault, and Benoit Simian, who was convicted of raping his ex-partner, won the “little angel gone too soon” award. Julien Bayou and Adrien Quatennens, accused of abuse by their ex-boyfriends, share the “J’accuse” award.

The “Totally Hysterical” award went to Eric Dupond-Moretti and Sébastien Chenou. The Keeper of the Seals owes his award to his views on the #MeToo movement. He said in 2019 that he “allowed free speech, and that’s great, but there are ‘idiots’ who talk nonsense.”

In turn, the MP of the National Meeting was arrested for describing surveillance cameras related to gender-based and sexual violence within political parties as “a cult case that comes to examine the files of the complainants”.

Finally, the “Freedom to Import” award was given, recognizing “theoreticians of human thought – the real ones, the defenders of freedom of expression, the French courage, the bulwark against good thinking imported from American universities.” Eric Zemmura, founder of Reconquête.

“Broken Career” award is the only award that is not given to any politician. The Observatory of Gender-Based and Sexual Violence in Politics clarified on its Instagram account that this award “is given to everyone, all women. […] Those whose careers are broken, after talking or not, they suffer and leave the political world after seeing that they suffer.”

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