Because a statue of Elon Musk with the body of a goat appeared in front of Tesla’s office

An idol dedicated to the world’s richest man is just the latest attempt by the CEO of cryptocurrency firm $EGT to win favor and keep his mark. They crossed the country to bring him to the Tesla factory.

It is a modern kitsch sphinx with the face of the world’s richest man and the body of a goat walking on a flaming rocket aimed at the moon. Don’t miss the gold chain with the Dogecoin plaque, somewhere between a dog collar and 50 Cent jewelry.

Cryptocurrency company Elon GOAT Token created a statue for Musk, then made a very long march across the country to deliver the gift in front of the closed doors of the Tesla factory in Texas. It is currently stored in the South Austin Costco parking lot. This gesture follows the epic topos of paying respect to the god in order to win his favor. And in reality, the statue is nothing more than a $600,000 publicity stunt to convince Musk to sponsor the badge that bears his name.

Movement of $EGT

The Elon GOAT Token statue was created to honor “Musk’s achievements and commitment to cryptocurrency,” the company explained on its website. That’s the official release, more below, and in fact the company added later: “We believe that Elon’s acceptance of this biblically-sized gift can focus $EGT and accelerate its initiatives.” Musk is King Midas, tweeting is gold, and so the cryptocurrency company decided to give him a chance to capitalize on the reflected light created by the world’s richest man.

$EGT has not increased in the last year, just look at CoinMarketCap trader data, which is exactly why they tried to get Musk’s attention in hopes of giving the struggling token some visibility. Currently, the Tesla CEO has not acknowledged or accepted the $EGT gift, although at one point in the Austin parking lot, several people approached him in hopes of an appearance. However, the plan is working, if not to its full potential. The event generated so much interest that it placed the company on the US trending page on Twitter.

What does Elon Musk’s statue represent?

Musk only has a head, the goat’s body is more of a pun, the English term “goat” is actually also used as an abbreviation for “Greatest of All Time”, so the company chose a goat to honor him. Musk. Instead, the rocket belongs to the CEO’s other big business, SpaceX. It is mobile and they chose to point it towards the sky to represent flight. Inside, gas channels are laid so that the flame comes out from the back.

There’s an $8 tattoo under the eye, like a Gen Z hunter. It looks like a teardrop and refers to the blue sign on Twitter that the new CEO actually gave away for $8. The gold-plated Dogecoin necklace, on the other hand, is a clear reference to Musk’s passion for the meme coin, which saw Doge reach an all-time high of $0.75.

Transit in Austin

After months of construction and a very long journey across the country, the sculpture arrived at the building in Austin, “we started an iconic project and built a community around it. It’s been a really fun and exciting journey,” explained Ashley Sansalone, co-founder of the company. They dubbed the event “GOATSgivin,” documenting the journey on social media and picking up new followers along the way who lined up to deliver the gift to Elon Musk. “We’re not leaving,” Sansalone said, standing outside the Austin plant, “we’re going to wait here.”

The statue cost $600,000 and was funded by cryptocurrency transactions and funding from community members. The signature of the work is Kevin Stone, who called on the phone in January 2021 and decided to join the project: “It was so crazy that I couldn’t refuse,” he said. because it was a unique opportunity to do something really, really different. »

Musk, the Midas king of cryptocurrency

It’s a lucrative romance between Musk and his cryptocurrency. One tweet is enough to cause dizzy spells. It is no coincidence that $EGT chose a CEO to promote its market. Last Christmas, she dressed her dog Floki in a Santa suit and posted a photo on social media. A new token called Santa Floki appeared immediately and the asset increased by more than 18,000% in the following days.

With Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, the CEO’s favorite meme coin, Dogecoin, has surged almost 100% from $0.0603 to $0.1150. As of April 2021, it has increased by 400% since Musk’s tweet mentioning Dogecoin on the list of cryptocurrencies to trade. Also in July, the billionaire started talking about a new cryptocurrency called Baby Doge Coin on Twitter. The price of the coin increased by 90% in a few hours.

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