Indifference, the evil of the century? » PACA economic and political letter

Today I would like to touch on the important and sensitive issue of indifference in our country.

I first give an objectified definition: A feeling that evokes no particular feeling, no definite reaction in someone or a group, and has no interest in the eyes of individuals or that group. It manifests itself in carelessness, inaction, insensitivity, coldness, slowness, indifference, lack of interest, casualness, refusal to commit, inaction, irresponsibility and letting go.

Indifference is also lightness in the face of what may be vital, crucial, important, and urgent. In short, apathy can be summed up as the behavior of an individual or group that is not concerned about what is happening or potentially happening in their environment. While we are well aware of the problems, we can naturally show indifference for many reasons.

Therefore, indifference is the biggest problem of our age.

Environmentalists will tell us that we are indifferent to global warming.

Progressives, immigrationists, wokists will tell us that we are indifferent to the human condition of foreigners, the demands of asylum seekers, the plight of illegal immigrants, unaccompanied minors, minorities, and advocates of LGBT theories.

Weak elected officials will tell us that we are indifferent to universal suffrage and the necessary democratic expression that has led to so much neutrality in our country.

Patriots, myself included, will tell us that we are indifferent to the Islamist threat, indifferent to our demographic transformation, indifferent to the cost of immigration, indifferent to the declining birth rate in France, indifferent to the problems of the police and the police. I am a gendarme, indifferent to the influence of progressive ideologies on our children at school, indifferent to the fate of France.

Conservatives, myself included, will tell us that we are indifferent to the ethical, moral, and political values ​​that have by turns framed, directed, and guided the evolution of our society until now.

Victims of violence will tell us that we ignore their need for safety, the slowness of the courts, impunity and the arbitrary filing of complaints.

Sovereignists, including myself, will tell us that we are indifferent to the interests of the nation, to our need for authority, respect, independence and respect for our borders, that is, the exercise of strong and effective authority in our territory.

The French in a safe situation will tell us that we are indifferent to their difficulties, that is to say, their social, material and financial weakness.

Laborers, small tradesmen and humble workers, no matter how useful they are in our daily lives, they will say that the political parties have forgotten them and left them to a very sad fate.

The working and middle class will tell us that we don’t care about their downgrading, tax evasion and enrichment of the richest.

The unemployed French will tell us that we are indifferent to their needs for employment and professional integration.

Well-developed minds will tell us that we are indifferent to fate, that we are unjust, unvaccinated caregivers, isolated, oppressed and humiliated by a humiliated, cynical and arrogant power.

There is indifference to those who hate us and those who hate us.

I intended to forget the great, central, and historical indifference: that of power over the fate of France.

I can talk more about the set of indifferences that characterize our time and the behavior of groups or individuals: indifference to the real causes of the war in Ukraine, indifference to hunger, indifference to the suffering of animals, indifference and indifference to the situation of oppressed Christians. The drama and future of Armenia.

Therefore, neglect would be the evil of the century. This evil of individualism and selfishness. This evil that abandons reality, lets things slide, causes us to lose control of everything, creates chaos, drives us to experience what happens to us, and becomes the common theme of history.


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