LR presidency: which political line should we return to with the French?

What are the three opposing political lines?

Aurelien Pradié made two arguments during the election campaign. The first is generational renewal. He is 36 years old, and he believes that the new face of Les Républicains should be what the National Rally did with Jordan Bardella.

The second argument is the program difference. For example, he distinguished himself from his opponents by opposing any extension of the statutory retirement age. He also insisted that Les Républicains not only talk about the sovereign and reinvest in the public sphere.

Bruno Retailleau campaigned. He wants to change everything within the Republicans, he wants to turn the page on Nicolas Sarkozy. He wants to place a party on the right that he believes is too beholden to political correctness and common sense. He defends the most likely liberal line on the economic level and the most likely conservative line on the social level.

Eric Ciotti also campaigned on a very right-wing line. He wants to recreate the RPR of the 1990s. He makes another argument, Laurent Wauquiez. He explained throughout his campaign that, if elected, Laurent Wauquiez would be the Republican Party’s nominee in the 2027 presidential election.

What challenges await the next party chairman?

Les Republicains became the fourth opposition group in the National Assembly after Valéry Pécresse’s victory in the presidential election. They are hardly invited to the filming of news channels anymore. They will have to find a place in the political spectrum, they will have to find a line that speaks to the French.

Whoever the next Republican president is, he will have to avoid the wave of departures that could happen after his election. Senators, local elected officials can go if it’s Eric Ciotti, who is considered by some to be a little too right. If it’s Bruno Retaillo, who is widely considered too conservative, elected officials with more centrist sensibilities may go. Elected officials with liberal sensibilities may go, if Aurélien Pradié, who is considered a little too left on the economic level.

The first election meeting that the next Republican president will have to face will be the European elections in the spring of 2024. It promises to be very subtle. In 2019, it was already complicated. François-Xavier Bellamy, who is on the list, received only 8.48% of the votes.

The question of nominating a candidate in 2027 became a real distinguishing point in this campaign. First, there was a debate about the calendar. Eric Ciotti suggested that the presidential candidate could be appointed in 2023, while Bruno Retailleau and Aurelien Pradie considered it too early and defended a later calendar: 2024 after the Europeans, for Bruno Retailleau, 2025 for Aurelien Pradie.

Then there were discussions about the method. There, Aurélien Pradié and Eric Ciotti had an arrow, they propose to have a Republican political office and then appoint a candidate to be ratified by Republican members. Bruno Retailleau advocates that Republican members should nominate themselves.

Why is it difficult for the general public to be interested in the competition for the presidency of LR?

Aurélien Pradié and Bruno Retailleau are not yet well known to the general public. If Eric Ciotti is a bit more, he is not yet the baron of the party. Then it is an internal election, the appointment of the party president, so it makes perfect sense that it does not concern all French people. A few weeks ago, the National Rally carried out the same operation.

And finally, the Republicans have become a secondary party. We are talking more about La France insoumise, the National Rally. So they were kind of forgotten and therefore had a hard time generating interest.

Despite everything, Republicans could take solace in the fact that this election will still be of great interest at home. Before the summer, there were 45 thousand party members. Today there are 91,000. They will be called upon to decide between Eric Ciotti, Bruno Retailleau and Aurélien Pradié.

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