WC-2022: “Minister? He is a politician, he says what he wants,” Guendouzi replies

He is called upon to play sub-studio in this World Cup. Matteo Guendouzi, 23 years old, 6 picks, presented himself this Wednesday at a press conference at the Jassim Bin Hamad stadium, where the world champions usually train. He deleted the most relevant topics of the moment.

Did you expect this panorama in terms of atmosphere?

MATTEO QUENDOUZI. I think there is a very good atmosphere. Not like Dortmund or Marseille. But we heard our supporters, they pushed us against Australia. It’s going very well.

Suffering from air conditioning? Will this win against Australia change anything?

We are all different. Air conditioning works for me. I even sleep with him. On Earth, we don’t necessarily feel it. It’s so nice. The victory gave us great confidence. We scored a lot of goals. There were many positives for the sequel. We knew what we had to do. We started the match badly, then we built up our game, applied higher pressure and everything became normal.

How was training on Wednesday? How did Eduardo Camavinga perform as a left back?

Camavinga played this role a bit. There are very few left-handed players. He was very good and scored a very nice goal. It was mainly training to maintain pace and form. If the coach calls us, we have to be ready.

Are you among the strikers on Didier Deschamps’ list? Do you find it difficult to live your role as a surrogate?

We didn’t necessarily talk about my role. The coach knows that he can use me in several positions in midfield. I will answer if he calls. As for the substitute, we are all competitors, we all want to come back, start, but the common goal is to win the World Cup. We think of the collective before we think of his personality.

How to change a coach’s mind?

We are ready. We all have to start or enter. I’m ready. It’s the coach who makes his choices and you have to respect them.

Sports Minister, Amelie Oudea-Castera, asking the Blues to be more involved. What do you think ?

He is a politician. He says he wants to. We made a press release to express our opinion. We are here to play football and have fun. We are not indifferent to this situation, but we are here to play football until the end.

How did you rate Antoine Griezmann’s game against Australia?

He performed well. He can play in several positions and also makes very good performances, he will definitely be a great number after 6 (laughs).

How do you spend your free time?

The days can be a bit long at times. There is a great group. We have known each other for several years in different options. We play lots of cards, Uno after dinner. There are also video games or Netflix series. We all integrated very quickly, we young people. There is a living room where we meet in the evening. There are those who play poker, Playstation, cards.

What will the return of Raphael Varane bring?

He is a very high level defender. He is the executive of the team, one of the captains. He inspires us with great confidence, he has great experience, there are many young people. He talks to us a lot. His return will do us much good. But we must emphasize the very good game of Dayot (Upamecano) and Ibou (Konaté) against Australia.

What adjustments need to be made in defense?

These are the questions to ask the coach. Tactics are not my field. We have a new system. It takes some getting used to. Although we conceded a goal, we were solid in defense. We will analyze all this in the video.

How is Kylian Mbappe in the group?

Kylian is Kylian. He is young like everyone else. He is very natural, he is part of the team because he has been there for a long time. He is very responsible on the field where he is exceptional. He talks to everyone outside.

How do bullies live with each other?

They all get along very well on the field. They are looking for each other. They are unusual. They are fantastic in the last 30 meters. Everyone gets along very well, there is a nice atmosphere, big and small.

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