Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wants to introduce CBDC

Rishi Sunak is the new Prime Minister of Great Britain from October 24, 2022. Conservative, wealthy, elite, the man who replaced Liz Truss at 10 Downing Street is an ardent advocate of CBDC.. The former Chancellor of the Exchequer, equivalent to the Minister of Finance and Budget, is responsible for forming the new government. He set the tone by clearly speaking for a centralized currency called CBDC.

Who is Rishi Sunak?

Born in Southampton on the south coast of England in 1980, Rishi Sunak comes from a wealthy family whose grandparents are from England.India. A graduate of prestigious universities, married to a multibillionaire and a former financial analyst at Goldman Sachs, she later founded her own investment company. His political career has risen rapidly: he is the only candidate to achieve the 100 endorsements required to become leader of the Conservative Party and therefore the government.

At 42, he is the fifth Conservative leader of the United Kingdom in the last six years.

What are CBDCs?

The CBDC are centralized digital currencies that states are currently building to gain complete control over their citizens. A great article walks you through the CBDC nightmare in detail. We can also follow the evolution of this progressive application around the world on the CBDC Tracker website.

If you follow the news a bit, you’ve probably noticed that there’s been a trend over the years limitation of cash payments, shortage of ATMs, sometimes blocking transfers for no reason (for example, to cryptocurrency exchanges). Bank accounts of citizens and journalists can be closed overnight under the pretext of “conspiracy”, Russian-sounding surname or any other pretext. As if our own money no longer belongs to us… Could this be part of the grand reset program invented and explained on the World Economic Forum website? However, as the cover of “The Economist” shows, this was already being discussed in the 1980s. All nations owed billions and used and abused the “money printing machine”, a globally centralized digital currency. It comes in handy for a big reset, right?

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Rishi Sunak and CBDCs

Like their counterparts in other states looking to implement a centralized digital currency, Rishi Altar He smiles to praise the merit of this currency. According to him and his colleagues, it should promote the inclusiveness of banking, financial stability, energy conservation, respect for privacy or even the fight against money laundering… While maintaining confusion with the decentralized currency bitcoin (BTC), all governments are trying to protect their citizens. convince CBDC is the perfect solution (for whom?).

How to implement CBDCs or general control?

This liberticidal nightmare was clearly explained during a conference at the IMF in mid-October: find out all the details of this currency imagined to manage all our expenses. Of course, it makes no sense to think about buying crypto-currencies with such control… How will they be able to impose CBDCs on us after these last crazy years of pressure, imprisonment, population control? What if there is a power outage or network problem to save energy? And no TPE works anymore? It is not possible ? But it happened in Canada this year… But wouldn’t energy problems be the right excuse to introduce a centralized digital currency?

For those who understand English, here is a very clear video about CBDCs

That’s why Rishi Sunak clearly announces the color in the video on Twitter (top of the page): CBDCs have so many features that it would be a shame to deprive yourself of them. According to him, this is part of it a history of digital innovation “. Trying to appease the most skeptics, the Prime Minister even claims that ” it is up to each country whether to launch a central bank digital currency, and no G7 jurisdiction has yet made that choice. In any case, The Economist’s front page doesn’t suggest it (since 1988, mind you).

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