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Mayors have to face the main question: “power to act”.

They are at the center of social activity. Mostly unknown, these women and men volunteer or say they give of their time to others; for their administrators. Initiated by David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes and President of the Association of French Mayors (AMF), they now hold their biggest annual fair at the Porte de Versailles.

“Our ancestors the Gauls”. History surprises us with its memories. Observing the tall mayors busy entering the quaint exhibition hall of the Porte de Versailles brings back a small memory of the old Gallic assemblies where the local leaders met once a year under the canopy of the Carnutes forest.

Emmanuel Macron chooses an escape strategy

The AIF, the world’s largest union of elected officials, gathers many of its members in the large concrete hall of Building 15.e county A tradition with breath and soul. Depending on the year and political folly, the president or prime minister is invited to speak there. This year, it’s Elizabeth Borne who is sent to confront elected officials as inflation — and skyrocketing increases in electric bills — add to the usual accounting disputes between the state and municipalities. Emmanuel Macron, who has already retired from politics, was satisfied with “presidential wanderings” (he said l’Élysée) in the bays of the living room… Some city officials, the most obedient, were even invited to an aperitif at the Elysée. Monsignor is definitely very good.

In between, Gerard Larcher, powerful president of the Senateonce again won the bonhomme membership award. Bruno Retailleau and Éric Ciotti, two of LR’s rivals, were seen smiling and toned. A very high-quality conference program made it possible to combine the useful with the pleasant. Ecology star Jean-Marc Yankovic showed the tip of his nose at the very noticeable attention of the brave president of the Occitania region, Karol Delga.

David Lisnard is committed to indigenous freedoms

This large gathering of French mayors has been held under his authority since last year David Lisnard. It wasn’t until the arrival of France’s first mayor, a member of the Cannes city council (re-elected with 88.1% of the vote in the first round), that he was able to make his mark in an appointment with little energy.

Herald of liberal ideas, defender of culture and good citizenship held these meetings under the theme of “power to act”. Restore freedom of action for the French in the face of bureaucratic inflation… Mayors, like businesses, all too often complain, and rightly so, about rigid governance that focuses on its own inertia. We must kill this rodent evil. Frederick MasquelierThe mayor of the city of Saint-Raphaël in the Var also attracted attention with his titled work bureaucratic dictatorship.

Defend our small towns

Mayors require maximum attention. in 1er In January 2020, there were 34,968 municipalities in our country, which is a constantly decreasing number. The state is pushing the country’s smallest cities to merge into institutions that are more remote and distant from local reality than ever before. At the same time, the municipal communities, which are little loved by the French, are increasingly eating up skills. Some Parisians believe that our small cities are a burden that should be discarded by the example of other European countries. The sad symbol of Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises (Haute-Marne), the “enthusiastic municipality” now reduced to a humiliating status, can only raise questions. The municipality, which is the main cell of democracy, in its traditional model, must be fiercely defended, especially in rural areas, with the guarantee of continuity of communication. If France is the country of 1,200 cheeses, it is also the country of 35,000 municipalities!

Interesting views of ERB

Christophe Bechu was severely reprimanded by Macron The Minister of Ecology was not successful in his transition. The general opinion is that Christophe Bechu, the former mayor of Anges, does not print. Both words and actions are highly undesirable. On Wednesday, November 23, at the Council of Ministers, he gave a boring account of the “Action Coeur de Ville” device. Emmanuel Macron looked into his eyes: “What we are doing is not working at all. “We give a lot of money to local communities and we don’t know what happens with that money.” Crazy dough. The minister continues, emphasized… And Macron interrupts him again: “Minister, I tell you, procrastination is not an option.” Christophe Bechu is warned: either he recovers or he will take the wicket on the next shift. This would be the sixth minister of ecology of the Macron period!

Anne Hidalgo takes Gabriel Attal to court “This is not true, judge! Ann Hidalgo, stunned by the accusations of Public Accounts Minister Gabriel Attal, who compared the Paris budget to a “Ponzi pyramid” at Inter France, decided to attack the young applicant in court. If, according to general opinion, the town hall of Paris is not a convenient place burn – There are not many people after 17:30 – the legal department of the municipality works at full capacity. Since coming to power, Anne Hidalgo has attacked (read in full): European Commission, Fox News channel, NKM, Ricard, CGT, banner, chat…

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