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Each day of the week, recognize these marns and these marns who have brought honor to our department and participated in its identity this year. Four candidates in the “Tourism” category today

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For the second year in a row, the Marne Department Council, associated with our newspaper, wishes to honor Marnaises and Marnais who contribute to the impact of the department through their actions. This operation will be carried out in 2022 with their activities in the service of their compatriots, initiatives in the field of culture, environment, tourism, etc. aims to highlight women and men who stand out for

The candidates were proposed and selected jointly by the editorial board of L’Union and the Departmental Council of the Marne. Of course, this choice is subjective and many others deserve to be included.

We will present the candidates to you by category. During the week of November 21-27, you’ll discover four new faces every day. This Thursday we present the tourism category.

John Jussy

President of Les Amis de l’Argonne, he organizes Argonne Day at the Foire de Châlons.


He is an important ambassador of his territory. John Jussi, president of the Friends of Argonne, is inexhaustible when it comes to talking about Sainte-Ménehould and its surroundings. The history buff, president of the city’s tourism office from 1989 to 2008, defends his turf at the Foire de Châlons every year during Argonne Day, which he co-organizes. Each year, it invites “artists, museums, attractions and food businesses” to exhibit outside of Argonne. For 2023, it plans to invite industry players to this day with the aim of promoting its ever dynamic region.

Severine Roofer

Involved vintner and Vice-President of the UNESCO Mission Hills, Houses and Cellars of Champagne

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He is a winemaker with many caps. People who multiply initiatives, thirst for contact and experience. The initiator of the wine tourism event “Secrets of the Little Man” in Reims mountain, Séverine Couvreur, wine producer in Rilly-la-Montagne and vice-president of the Unesco Coteaux Mission, houses and champagne caves. , joined the scientific board in 2015. Within this institution, he created the wine tourism group because, according to the winemaker, “
we cannot talk about tourism without talking about sustainable tourism. And our role is to introduce the area to the UNESCO Mission

Gilles Brouiller

Founder of Heaven Bike, a company that rents adapted bicycles for the disabled on the shores of Lac du Der

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His bike-for-all concept won the Tourism Innovation Award as part of the Young Tourism Talents competition. It was last March. Since then, Gilles Brouiller and his company Heaven Bike have continued on their way. The 50-year-old continues to offer electric therapy tricycles for hire, suitable for people with reduced mobility as well as older people who want the comfort and freedom to enjoy a ride around Lac du Der. The former commercial manager is personally involved in the technical design of the models. A member of the board of directors of the Lac du Der tourist office, he is also responsible for investigating the issue of disability from the priority angle of reception and accommodation.

Patrick Baillet

Founder of Épernay du Moelleux champenois district with seven other bakers.

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It took eight bakers from the Épernay region nearly a year to perfect the recipe for Moelleux champagne. Almond dust, marc de champagne based and covered with “home made” pink biscuit dust, “This is a travel cake, it can be kept for 11 days. “The principle was to make a cake that symbolizes the region that people take home as a souvenir.”, explains Patrick Baillet, one of the creators of the pastry. Marketed by eight original bakers since 2019, the pastry adopted by the Marne bakery federation in 2020 is now offered by 40 Marne bakers. Moelleux champenois, the department’s emblem, has been labeled “Made in Marne” for one year.

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