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Ladies and Gentlemen, Speakers of National Parliaments,

Ladies and gentlemen commissioners,

Ladies and gentleman,

Ladies and gentleman,

For 70 years, France has been honored and proud to welcome the European Parliament, the center of the democratic life of our union, here in Strasbourg.

70 years after the war, an institution that wanted to ensure peace in the first hours of Europe and had the intuition that dialogue and political construction were needed very early.

An institution celebrated by women and men: this is Robert SCHUMANN, among the founding fathers, Simone VEIL, the first woman to preside over the European Parliament, David SASSOLI, this great European who left us at the beginning of 2022. all of you, the elected representatives of European citizens who carry the voices and aspirations.

It is an opportunity to look back on 70 years of history, a journey marked by major conquests.

First, the conquest of universal suffrage. Initially, members of the European Parliament were appointed by national parliaments. Direct universal suffrage was later approved in 1976 and the first elections were held in June 1979. Since then, and for more than 40 years, you have been not only a Member of the European Parliament, but also a Member of Parliament for the Europeans who represent them directly.

Then the conquest of skills. Although it initially had only a supervisory role, the European Parliament has steadily gained wider powers with each revision of the European treaties until the Treaty of Lisbon in 2009, gaining new powers in supervisory or legislative matters. established codification as an ordinary legislative procedure.

All this, of course, was done for the benefit of the European Parliament, but above all for the benefit of Europe as a whole. Because wherever the European Parliament gained power, Europe gained in democracy. And we will never stop defending this democracy. At a time when some in Ukraine are attacking it, at a time when authoritarian regimes want to portray it as weak, we should be proud of our democracy, we should be proud of our values. Because let’s not forget that Russia is attacking democracy and human rights behind the invasion of Ukraine, that is, the very foundation that brings us together here.

With the strength of its action, the determination to defend equality, freedom and solidarity, the European Parliament strongly rejects these destructive attempts.

For 70 years, the heart of democracy has been beating right here in Strasbourg.

A birthday is also an opportunity to plan for the future. The near future is the end of this legislature, where many big projects have been implemented. I am for the environmental transition with the “55” package, for the reform of the Schengen zone, for our countrymen, our wealth, sovereignty, energy and digital sovereignty, which are very valuable for our citizens, implementing the technological, strategic, Versailles agenda.

This list is certainly not complete. However, it shows that you are at the center of all the challenges of our time. The next few months will be busy. You can count on France to promote and work towards agreements for a stronger, more united, more sovereign Europe. Under the authority of the President of the Republic, we will do our best for this.

After that, it will be time for European Parliament elections. This demographic breath is organized every 5 years in the life of the union. I hope that this election will be an opportunity for real discussions in our countries so that together we can continue to build a Europe of action, a Europe at the service of our fellow citizens.

Ladies and gentlemen, I will end where I began by talking about Strasbourg.

Strasbourg is a symbol, a city marked by history. In these times of growing nationalisms and trying to rewrite the past, in these times of war returning to the European continent, we must never stop remembering where Europe came from, what it suffered, why we did it and what it did. was fulfilled.

Strasbourg shows the strength of the Union and the power of peace by embodying the reconciliation of the peoples of Europe. Every month, when all the European actors meet in Strasbourg, they actually pay respect to our history and the idea of ​​Europe. Of course, there may be practical questions and my Government is fully committed to providing answers. But this should not distract us from the main things.

Basically, Strasbourg is a definite idea of ​​Europe. A Europe built and written in different parts of the European territory, the idea of ​​a Europe with a shared past and future. This Europe, rich in the diversity of its inhabitants and territories, is the best antidote to the harmful discourse of a technocratic and disconnected Europe.

The vitality of the European Parliament is the vitality of Europe, and that is why I wanted to celebrate this important anniversary for the Union with all the Members of the European Parliament and through you, all Europeans, because this important anniversary belongs to us all.

Thank you very much.

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