FACT OF THE DAY Projects and city contracts 2023 calls, let’s go to the metropolis of Nîmes!

The 2023 call for projects for the Nîmes Métropole city contract has been officially inaugurated. Urban contracts provide an appropriate framework for reconciling these two complementary aspects of urban policy.

The city contract lasts for seven years. The old is coming to an end, the new is making way for the event, the state, through Chloé Demeulenaere, sub-prefect and deputy secretary-general of the Gard prefecture, brought together all the participants as they took the helm in Saint-Gilles. . In 2022, Gard saw nearly 900 files implemented.

Amal Couvreur, Vice-President for Urban Policy of the Departmental Council of the Region and Department, François Courdil, Deputy Mayor of Nîmes for Urban Policy and Social Centers of Nîmes Métropole and City of Nîmes, as well as Eddy Valadier, Mayor of Saint-Gilles, who commented: “This committee allowed us to discuss the future city contract that will be established during 2023. We also discussed a new challenge for project systems, as we want to include associative actors in a framework that brings new elements such as citizen participation.

Amal Couvreur, Eddy Valadier, François Courdil and Chloé Demeulenaere (Photo by Anthony Maurin).

In this way, all sections of the French mille-feille, the administrative layers of the communities and the citizens were able to talk calmly about how we could succeed thanks to the goals of the urban contract.to guarantee the republican pact, to strengthen social unity, mmobilizing around a collective project and building a new democratic space with residents.

Chloé Demeulenaere is clear: “Things done today (yesterday, editor’s note) it was simple but concrete and ambitious to express our priorities: health, employment, social tourism, education… with special emphasis on the Republic commitment. Any association wishing to subscribe to this agreement must respect an article of law and any violation of this article will lead to withdrawal of subsidy.

This is a priority. The State wants to help the associations to establish this cooperation, because for its representative they are the vector of the Republic, and those who cannot, due to lack of time or funds, will be helped. This system applies to different districts of Nimes, also from Sabatotla Saint-Gilles.

Nîmes metropolis expects a lot from this new urban contract (Photo by Anthony Maurin).

Amal Couvreur is the first to be pleased with this great coordination of public services, communities and citizens: “We are also trying to make access to files easier for associations who need to put together just one file for all their requests in the Region. City policy is an acupuncture point for the department… Common law is a bonus. We provide additional resources to complete the measures, but without partner communities and the state, all this would be useless. Many workers get up early to work without pay and they live in the city’s priority areas (PPAs). We have nuggets to value.

Occitania has 105 QPVs and one in six residents live there. In 2022, the Region invested 3.7 million euros, including 700,000 euros for entrepreneurship in these regions. The region spent 554,000 euros in Snow for 200 actions. Let’s not forget that the average income is 12,200 euros per year…

The Steering Committee took place in the Saint-Gilles City Council Chamber with members of the Nîmes civic councils (Photo by Anthony Maurin).

On the departmental side, we are talking about €1.3 million for 588 movements, including €734,000 for Nîmes Métropole. The department allocates 1.9 million euros to specialized prevention, including 861,000 euros for Nîmes. Gard provides 900,000 euros for social centers (including 217,000 euros for the metropolis of Nîmes).

How can you be sure that the system works when public funds are counted and rationalized? we reviews grant applications and funding. We accompany and evaluate the associative projects financed in this framework we monitor and revive projects proposed by municipal services measures within the framework of urban policy.

We are committed to taking the crucial pillars of social cohesion, citizenship, habitat, urban renewal… Communities must respond to this project call and we are open to innovations and innovations to be closer to their expectations. residents. We need real union dynamics to stand with us because yes, things are worse than 2013. We must adapt and have a coherent republic. Unions must be held accountableFrancois Curdil says.

(Photo by Anthony Maurin).

Chloé Demeulenaere presents an innovation: Ambassadors of the Republic. He received 40,000 euros from the Ministry for this action. “The State has committed more than 1.2 million euros to Nîmes Métropole, but by adding other aid, we reach 2.1 million, not counting the human resources we deploy. (1.2 million euros, editor’s note) to help the associations in their work. To this 3.3 million are added the money allocated within the framework of the city’s policy.

We are talking about five million euros for the Gard, including three from the metropolis of Nîmes. Since 2015, the state has tripled the envelope given to Gard to support sports, culture, law, the elderly…

Anthony Maureen

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