Explosive revelation: Bill Gates and friends spent 10 billion to buy power from world leaders during the pandemic.

An explosive media exposure Politics which, strangely enough, received little coverage in the mass media. Indeed, last September Politics and investigative media The world He made a big revelation about the covert maneuvers of Bill Gates and his associates to take complete control of the pandemic and preserve significant market shares for the laboratories.

In the article he read Lecourrier-du-soir.com, Politics mentions the four organizations that act most opaquely, taking the place of governments. So, according to the source, the organizations in question took control of the situation very quickly by identifying potential vaccine manufacturers and seeking investment for the development of trials and, of course, used their influence to achieve their influence within the World Health Organization. purpose.

Organizations are referred to: this is the foundation Bill and Melinda Gatesof Gavi (founded by Bill Gates), of Welcome Trust (a British organization funded by billions of dollars and already working with Bill Gates) and finally CEPIAn organization founded in 2017 by Bill Gates and the Wellcome Trust.

The rest of the story is mind boggling. according to Politics and The worldthese 4 organizations have spent $10 billion on Covid since 2020. The 4 organizations paid $1.4 billion to the WHO, the agency they use to implement their crisis management vision and achieve their goals. four organizations) spent $8.3 million lobbying to meet with the world’s top governments (in Europe and the United States).

A lot of money was raised and promises were broken. The four organizations pledged to close the gap between North and South in vaccine distribution. However, there is nothing. Because when the vaccination campaign started, the Southern countries were completely forgotten. And to make matters worse, three of the four organizations in question strongly opposed revoking vaccine patents. A decision strongly contested by activists.

In the article he read Lecourier-du-soir.com, we learn that the 4 organizations all ended up forcing the hand of the world governments who gave in to their grievances. For example, the CEPI organization asked the American government to give it 200 million dollars every year to save its treasury. Biden will finally capitulate by giving them $500 million or $100 million over 5 years.

To get an idea of ​​the power of these four organizations, we need to look at the donations they receive from wealthy businessmen. And the amounts are amazing. Indeed, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, established in the early 2000s, receives $70 billion in donations to support NGOs working in the field of healthcare.

The CEPI Foundation, founded in 1999, received $750 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to sign vaccine contracts with pharmaceutical companies on behalf of developing countries. The Wellcome Trust, which is close to Bill Gates and was founded in Great Britain in the 1930s, operates thanks to donations estimated at $38 billion.

And in order to carry out their mission, the 4 organizations do not hesitate to spend large sums to recruit high-level political or health authorities who, thanks to their address books, provide them with valuable political and financial support. Moreover, specify Politics, former employees of these four organizations now work with governments. And there are many examples. Former CEPI executives Dawn O’Connell and Nicole Lurie have been hired as consultants to the US Department of Health.

They waited too soon for crisis management to take power from completely unbalanced governments. Politics 4 quotes lobbyists close to the organization. So, as soon as the pandemic hit, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, CEPI and the Wellcome Trust immediately activated their networks of lobbyists and political power to force European and American governments to give them billions of dollars to support their vision. health crisis management. The 4 organizations will go so far as to hold face-to-face meetings with senior politicians such as Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel. And these meetings intensified as the pandemic progressed.

And the efforts paid off. Because from 2020 they are paid crazy dough. And the numbers speak for themselves. Thus, between 2020 and 2021, the European Commission paid 100 million dollars to CEPI, and that organization (CEPI) has already received more than 330 million dollars from the British government. CEPI will receive more than $430 million from the German government and $8 million from the US government.

And that’s not all. For the period from 2021 to 2025, GAVI will receive more than $4.8 billion from the American government, $2 billion from the German government and more than $1 billion from the European Commission. That organization has already received more than 2.6 billion dollars from the British government.

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