The international community renews its support for Moldova, a victim of the war in Ukraine

Hen The people of Moldova will not be left cold this winter: the international community has announced new aid to Moldova, while also supporting the Moldovan government in its fight against Russian attempts to destabilize its political system and in its reform efforts to join the European Union.

Moldova, a small country of 2.6 million people neighboring Ukraine and a candidate for EU membership since the end of June, is bearing the brunt of the war’s consequences, especially in terms of energy, while Russia’s Gazprom has cut its gas supply in half. Exported to Chisinau.

French President Emmanuel Macron said at the end of the conference: “We do not have the right to succumb to some fatigue, fatigue, to think that things can be solved quickly and that we can lower our reserve.”

“To fight for Moldova today is to participate in a war led by us along with Ukraine,” he added, announcing additional aid of 100 million euros from France.

French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna previously emphasized: “We must help the population to stand.”

The “International Support Platform for Moldova” was created at the initiative of Germany, France and Romania. Two editions have already been held, the first in Berlin in March and the second in Bucharest in July.

At the press conference, Ms. Colonna noted that this third meeting was held in the context of special “gas blackmail” by Russia.

“Russia has previously cut off most of its gas supplies to Moldova, and moreover, it is no longer possible to export electricity from Ukraine due to the bombing of Ukrainian infrastructure,” he says.

Moreover, Moldova has no gas storage capacity.

“There is a need to maintain peace, stability and security in the case of Moldova, and all the aid we receive is an investment in our general stability not only in Moldova, but also in the rest of Europe,” Niku Popescu said when he arrived at the conference.

Towards a new wave of Ukrainian refugees

The country is under military threat from Russia due to the presence of Russian soldiers in the territory of Moldova, in the pro-Russian separatist region of Transnistria.

Moldovan President Maia Sandu also accused Russia of funding arms, goods, human trafficking or anti-government protests.

It is “hybrid warfare,” he said. “I call on all our partners to punish high-flying criminals who steal and threaten democracy.”

In the humanitarian field, Moldova is expecting a new wave of Ukrainian refugees fleeing the cold. About 80,000 Ukrainians are already refugees in Moldova, the highest per capita number, a significant cost for the small country.

In a recent interview with AFP, Nico Popescu estimated the additional financial need to cover the country’s energy costs this winter at 1.1 billion euros, excluding the financial needs for humanitarian aid.

To manage the energy crisis, Moldova’s government has launched reforms to connect to Europe’s electricity grid and reduce its dependence on Russia for gas.

It has also turned to Romania to buy and store gas at low prices, but it remains extremely vulnerable.

“Currently, we supply about 80-90% of the electricity demand of the Republic of Moldova, but we need to do more in terms of continuous availability of the country’s supply capacity,” explained Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aureescu.

About 50 international delegations representing the European Union, the United States, Canada and Japan, as well as international organizations and international financial institutions, including the IMF and the World Bank, took part in the conference on Monday.

They promised to meet again next year in Moldova.

With this in mind, continue preparations for Moldova’s accession to the EU. Moldovans want to benefit from the accelerated procedure. “It will take time,” a French diplomatic source warned.

Catherine Colonna It is in our interest to support and accompany Moldova in its economic reform efforts. His Romanian counterpart added: “With its six working groups, this platform is best equipped to help the Republic of Moldova in terms of experience to achieve these goals.”

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