Politics. Aurélien Pradié wants to “halve the volume of immigration”.

A few veiled spades, nuances on pensions and unanimity on immigration. Here’s a recap of Monday’s Nov. 21 debate between the three Republican presidential candidates. A unique debate with the 37-year-old representative chosen from the lot, Aurélien Pradié.

During an hour and a half at LCI, Eric Ciotti, Aurélien Pradié and Bruno Retailleau defended their views. the right-wing party fell to 4.8% in the last presidential elections.

Aurélien Pradié, a competitor in this contest, made the argument for renewal by praising the experience “mayor, volunteer firefighter“, in the service of”celebrity right“who isn’t”not punishment“.

Eric Ciotti, who became the favorite in this race, defended his right and played his usual tenacity card. “No longer apologizing for being himself“in a country”is dangerously on the decline“.

I want unity on a clear line”LR Bruno Retaillou, the boss of the defending senators assured “meeting“from the right”is proud of its values, sovereign and clearly shows the economy“.

And twelve days before the first round, in this often technical debate, everyone kept their attacks first during a long development on sovereigns and pensions. There is no disagreement about the role of LR. “Being Marine Le Pen’s crutch or Emmanuel Macron’s stepping stone is out of the question“, concluded Bruno Retailleau.

All advocated a very strong vision of immigration Returning to the Ocean Viking episode, this humanitarian ship landed in Toulon with 234 migrants on board. “Italy 1-France 0“, hammerer Eric Ciotti reckons:”no rights, no housing, no benefits, no schools for illegal immigrants“.

Bruno Retailleau denounced “suction pumpss” immigration and ” resolved the projectmass regulation“With the text of the law expected at the beginning of 2023, the government. As for Aurélien Pradie, he suggested”recognition of the crime of smuggling as falling within the scope of the ICC” – International Criminal Court – and “to cut immigration in half“.

Positions regarding pensions were more different : defended Aurélien Pradié, facing Bruno Retailleau, who demanded the postponement of the legal age “just reform” where”who starts work early finishes early“.

Eric Ciotti defended and found himself in a synthesis position.somewhat a la carte system“. And “If it saves the pensioners of today and tomorrow, I will vote“The law presented by the executive branch, he assured.

But veiled spades have taken over the debate – Eric Ciotti asks “values ​​are a dirty word, Aurélien Pradié?“Before It Begins”Eric, you will make a great secretary general“.

Bruno Retailleau, who wants to run for the rally with many of his elected supporters, found himself isolated from renewable energies after the Senate vote, which overwhelmingly passed the government bill at first reading.

Regarding the inclusion of abortion in the Constitution, he also noted its uniqueness: “this is a debate that the far left imported from the US“, he claimed.”Covering law is FrenchWhen Eric Ciotti guessed it, Aurelien Pradié answered “Law should not become obsolete, it should be suitable for society”.

Regarding the future of the party, everyone played their part, criticizing Nicolas Sarkozy a little. “We’ll have to change the name, I think the brand is dead.”Bruno Retailleau confirmed.

“In 2027 we will see if we are dead or not, we are still moving today“, confirmed Eric Ciotti. But “this what’s missing is the boss“, added one, who asked to quickly promote the candidacy of Laurent Wauquiez for the presidency of 2027.

Nominating our candidate next year is crazy“, Aurélien Pradié guessed. “If we stumble on Europeans, we electrocute him,” said Bruno Retailleau.”He won’t risk anything if we run out of juice. At some point you have to take responsibility“, replied Eric Ciotti.

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