The Jazz open their teeth against the Clippers at 4:30 p.m.

What better way to start the week than a busy NBA night? This Monday, the program is very heavy with eight meetings that will go into the hands of holy clients. From the Blazers traveling to Wisconsin, the Jazz continuing their symphony in Los Angeles, to the Falcons making a stop in Cleveland… Menu please!



  • 1 hour: Cavaliers – Hawks
  • 1 hour: Pacers – Magic
  • 2 hours: Thunder – Knicks
  • 2 hours: Pelicans – Warriors (on beIN Sports 3)
  • 2 hours : Bucks – Blazers (on beIN Sports 4)
  • 2 hours: Bulls-Celtics
  • 2 hours: Monsters – Heat
  • 4 hours: Clippers-Jazz


10 wins to 6 losses, the balance of the Falcons and Cavaliers is the same. Both franchises are off to a strong start to the season and are among the strongest in the East behind the Celtics and Bucks. So, inevitably, When we go 3rd 4th, we pull out the popcorn and silently wait for the misery to begin. Needless to say, Cleveland will have some great artists on the floor: Trae Young vs. Darius Garland, Donovan Mitchell vs. Dejounte Murray, Clint Capela vs. John Collins vs. Jarrett Allen vs. Evan Mobley… In short, this matchup is worth its weight in gold, and we’re very excited. we will probably enjoy 1 am. Only Bogdan Bogdanovic is certain to be absent for the Birds, while De’Andre Hunter is uncertain (ill). The Ohio Cavaliers will have to do without Dean Wade while Kevin Love (thumb) and Caris LeVert (ankle) remain questionable. A small lead for the Cavs, who have won two in a row, the Hawks had to fight to pull out a victory over the Raptors in the last game.

Who says that the mass program necessarily says two castle posters. So after the shock of the East, it’s off to the Far West to find an equally enticing matchup: the Clippers taking on the Jazz. One of those two franchises has the best record in the Western Conference with 12 wins and 6 losses, and inevitably that team is…the Jazz. The Mormons are no longer entertaining, and they will face a new test against Tyronn Lue’s troops. With two straight wins against the Suns and Blazers, the musicians would have the Clippers’ scalp well hung on the nice hunting board. But the two wins are also what separates the Jazz and the Clips in the rankings… and if we tell you, it’s a shocker. Rudy Gay and Mike Conley are injured and will not be at the party. On the Los Angeles side, it’s Luke Kennard in the hospital. Paul George doesn’t know yet if he wants to go against Lauri Markkanen, so the LA winger is on the list. day by day. Don’t panic Clippers fans, Kawhi Leonard will be there, and he’s not going to attend a Jazz concert without kicking the can. You’ve been warned, it’s a 4:30 a.m. duel in California.


  • Indiana will try to get their tenth win of the season over Orlando, which would allow the Pacers to solidify their 5th place in the East… Look, there is no valve in that sentence.
  • Which face will the Knicks show tonight at Oklahoma? Denver or Tom Thibodeau closer to the exit? Watch out, the Thunder won’t hesitate to hit New York again.
  • Klay Thompson ruined the morning for a bunch of TTFL players, swinging 2/15 in the Warriors’ loss to the Pelicans. No, we’re kidding because Klay won’t be playing, but imagine anyway.
  • A third from the west (Portland) will try to hunt deer in Wisconsin (Milwaukee). Beware, the master of time is not there to guide Oregon watchmakers.
  • The Bulls are all bad, the Celtics are all good, so the showdown could be resolved quickly. We’ll also be taking a grumpier-than-usual look at Zach LaVine.
  • Karl-Anthony Towns can breathe, Jimmy Butler shouldn’t play tonight. Inevitably this takes some of the prestige out of the meeting which will depend on the will of the current players, hi Anthony Edwards.

A big traffic jam is expected on NBA roads from 2 o’clock. The first seven games from the program then it will end a very tempting confrontation between the Clippers and the leader of the Western Conference Jazz. We take a deep breath, prepare the thermos and meet at 1 o’clock for the first strings.

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