the government introduces new measures

After a morning dedicated to the Council of Ministers for Children and then to the inter-ministerial committee for Children, the government on Monday presented new measures to combat violence against minors.

Protect the children. This is the new “great cause” of Emmanuel Macron’s five-year presidency. Thus, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne chaired the “Council of Ministers for Children” this Monday morning, which brought together about twenty young people aged 8-12 from the network of child care associations (ASE). The aim is to initiate an exchange on topics such as school, digital technology or the environment in order to develop proposals tailored to children’s concerns.

Freshly conceived the day after International Children’s Rights Day, these ideas were then presented to several ministers before a meeting of the inter-ministerial committee for children. Several announcements came out of that symposium, which were presented this Monday afternoon.

• Establishment of a centralized judicial police department for violence against minors

The government plans to establish a centralized judicial police department for juvenile violence with an operations center and strategy center in early 2023. It should be taken after reports of sexual violence and pedocriminal facts.

On October 18, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin informed about the creation of this center. “Misdemeanors and juvenile crimes are increasing, especially thanks to the Internet,” he said, adding that the office would consist of “30 investigators.”

• Removal of parental authority for persons guilty of consanguinity

The Independent Commission on Incest (Ciivise) has recommended for more than a year that parental authority should be automatically revoked from a parent found guilty of sexually abusing a minor in their family. Provided that the defendant is convicted of these facts before the court of first instance.

At the end of September, the Secretary of State for Children had already announced that a legislative amendment would be tabled in Parliament to allow the exercise of parental authority to be revoked in principle if a parent has been convicted of sexual abuse. child”. an event deemed “ridiculous” by Isabelle Aubri, president of the Face à l’Incest association.

“Parental authority should be automatically terminated as soon as a complaint is filed, because the process can last for years and the child remains under the influence of his abuser,” he stressed.

• Strengthening criminal record checks for cases of violence against minors

This is the child protection law of February 7, 2022, which will be enforced soon. In particular, it provides systematic monitoring of the criminal records of all professionals and volunteers who work with children in juvenile institutions.

“We are talking about preventing persons convicted of sexual crimes from coming into contact with children. These controls will be carried out before starting their duties, as well as during their implementation,” the government says.

And it should be added: “All social or medico-social institutions must establish a policy to combat ill-treatment and designate a third body in the institution to whom admitted people can turn in case of difficulty.”

• Establishment of the Children’s Ministerial Council twice a year

About twenty children from ASE were received at the National Assembly this Monday morning. After visiting the building, they worked on different topics and proposed ideas to improve their daily lives in these areas (disability, digital, environment, health, school).

They then gathered around Elisabeth Borne, Pap Ndiaye (Minister of Education), Christophe Bechu (Environmental Transition), Rima Abdul-Malak (Culture), Francois Brown (Health) and Jean-Noël Barrot (Digital) to present their views.

The government plans to repeat this event twice a year. Thus, the first Council of Ministers for children will be chaired by Emmanuel Macron, and the second – as on Monday – by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.

Amber Lepoivre BFMTV journalist

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