“One Love” bandage is kept, Hugo Lloris is censored, Olivier Giroud and tiramisu… This news November 21 – Liberation

2022 World Cup in Qatarcase

Find out the day’s highlights of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar on the second day of the competition.

A day after the first game of the World Cup in Qatar, the host nation wakes up with the taste of fiasco in its mouth, with three matches on the schedule and a new controversy surrounding the armband promoting inclusivity.

Matches of the day

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The One Love bandage remains in the dressing room

While the FFF shines with its bravado on the homophobia front, other federations have decided to take some action. This Monday, captains Harry Kane (England), Virgil van Dijk (Netherlands) and Gareth Bale (Wales) were due to start the tournament wearing the One Love rainbow armband, a symbol of the fight against various forms of discrimination. especially against LGBT people. An initiative that did not sit well with FIFA, who this weekend recalled that yellow cards could be handed out by referees to players wearing armbands. The Telegraph.

A blow of pressure that had its effect: in a joint declaration, the seven federations announced this Monday morning that they are abandoning the armband. “FIFA has made it very clear that if our captains wear armbands on the pitch, they will impose sporting sanctions. As national federations, we cannot ask our players to risk sports sanctions, including a yellow card.”, type the federations of Germany, England, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Wales and Switzerland. France, which was originally a member of the “One Love” initiative, announced that it will no longer wear armbands with the voice of its captain Hugo Lloris.

Otherwise, England have planned to kneel before kick-off against Iran this Monday at 2pm. With this gesture made famous by American football player Colin Kaepernick as part of the Black Lives Matter movement, the Three Lions players intend to spread the word. “inclusivity” in a broad sense, as coach Gareth Southgate explained in his press conference.

Lloris interview censored by FFF?

The idea was to make a video against homophobia in football. But the video, whose footage dates back to March 2022, has never been released. And that’s why Focus on the pictures, perhaps because Hugo Lloris’ words weren’t really appropriate. The captain of the French national team answered the question about homophobic insults in football as follows: “It’s folklore, it’s football, it’s part of the decor, it’s sleeping fans… We can use it as additional motivation if necessary”. A justification used regularly in the world of football, which tends to make light of the subject. But this time, FFF seems to have decided not to air the interview to avoid a new controversy. Released.

picture of the day

During the opening of the world championship in Qatar on Sunday evening, the residents of the German city of Herne commemorated this event in their own way. 20,000 funeral candles were placed in the bays of the SC Westphalia Herne stadium, and the ground was covered with 6,500 soccer balls filled with sand. watchman.

sentence of the day

“My grandmother’s work was great. My mother took the recipe. Her tiramisu is divine, perfectly dosed.”

Striker Olivier Giroud gave an interview to “Le Parisien” on Monday. He then quotes a verse from the Bible. God, we say to you.

At the opening, Qatar offers a cold shower in the desert

And suddenly shame fell on Qatar. Facing a very modest Ecuador team (44th in the FIFA rankings), the host nation lost (0-2) in Sunday’s World Cup opener in a match that would have had the most yellow cards (6). on target (3, all Ecuadorians). A brace from Enner Valencia on thirty minutes – which could have been a hat-trick had the video aid referee not intervened – and the match was over. This poor performance took place in front of very quiet stands at first, then became completely sparse in the second half, with many Qatari supporters leaving the stadium from the sixtieth minute onwards. The reason was called: it’s too cold (true) and the pick loses anyway. After a somewhat awkward opening ceremony, the celebrities fled. This is our first evening story.

Date of the day

Before the start of the World Cup held in Qatar, only 6 of the 22 host countries managed to win the supreme cup on their soil. Their progress in the competition is sometimes significantly interrupted until the final.

How far will Iran go in terms of protest?

As Iran kick off against England this Monday at 14:00, what can be expected from their players on an extra sporting level? We didn’t know what to expect when we went to meet the two players selected by the Iranian team for their first press briefing in Doha on Thursday, tracksuit jackets pulled up and eyes shining. We’d have two men willing to talk politics, as some of their teammates have done in recent weeks, and use the World Cup as a media springboard when there’s a popular uprising a thousand kilometers away at home. Is the Islamic Republic hesitant? Or would they carefully avoid answering the questions and stick to the traditional “focus on football” principle?

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