Corsica Libera rejuvenates executive bodies

On Sunday, November 20, Corsican Libera held its national congress in Corte. An opportunity to introduce the new decision-making body of the independence party, as well as the general direction.

Corsican Libera organized its national congress this Sunday at the University of Corsica in front of around 400 activists.

In the Ribellu amphitheater, the independence party presented its new decision-making body. The council also created a junta of twelve militants, including party spokesman Pentr’Anto Tomasi and Josepha Giacometti-Piredda, responsible for institutional affairs.

Ten new faces make up this new junta, including young people from associations and student unions: Anne-Cécile Nesa, Matteu Giona, Ghjuliu Anto Susini, Sampieru Andreani, Ghjiseppu Maria Verdi, Esteban Saldana, Batti Pieri, Jean-Daniel Cortopassi and Pier – Jose Filipputti.

A few months after the mobilization in support of Yvan Colonna, this national congress was also an opportunity for the party to recall its general orientation based on the ten points outlined during the Ghjurnate Internaziunale this summer and to reaffirm its support for the illegal FLNC.

Petr’Anto Tomasi, spokesperson of Corsica Libera, interviewed Solange Graziani.

France 3 Corse: The party has rejuvenated its powers. What does this option mean?

Petr’Anto Tomasi: This is primarily the translation of the choice announced for months, the reorganization and repositioning of the Corsican Libera, giving central place to the youth. This is reflected in the junta of the movement, this new body of 12 young activists representing the commitments, skills and regions of Corsica. It will be their duty, along with all the rest of the activists within the organization, to implement the strategy we approved this Sunday. It is a consensus strategy around the re-appropriation of the rights of the Corsican people.

Where do these militants come from, especially the young people who now form the qhunta?

We have active activists in youth, high school, and student organizations. They also come from our youth movement, Ghjuventù Libera. They are activists with experience in the field, who also act as elected members of the Corsican assembly or communes. Some of them suffered from repressions and are former political prisoners. I believe that they fully represent what Corsican Libera is today, with the desire to reposition and renew the party, adhering to this political line of Corsican sovereignty, that is, independence.

In June 2021, in the Territoriales, Corsica Libera did not reach the second round. How can the party win the fight for the ballot box?

We must first convince and demonstrate through education that the proposal we have drawn up, full sovereignty for Corsica and recognition of the rights of the Corsican people, is not only a possible but a desirable path for the best existence of Corsicans. Therefore, we intend to formulate and develop our proposition in this direction, and then we will try to restore a greater presence where we may be lacking.

Today, the fact that this movement is being rebuilt around a broadly shared political base should enable us to meet these challenges. Admittedly, the situation in Corsica is worrying, with real estate speculation, a significant demographic replacement unlike any other region in Europe, and a disenfranchised people. At the same time, we believe that the fighters of the national movement and especially the Corsican Libera have the necessary resources for a vital start.

In an age when many people are wondering how to fill their plate or gas their car, how do you regain citizen support with more general political questions?

This is not contradictory. Speaking of Corsican citizenship, that is, the fact that Corsicans, who are now a minority in their own land, are allowed to buy or hold real estate or simply find a place to live, even if they are not owners, today it is complicated, even impossible in some places. When we talk about the employment opportunity of Corsicans through Corsican citizenship; When we talk about issues related to taxation, social justice, energy transition, these are very specific issues. If we want to deal with them properly, we have to include them in the global political project, which is the project of sovereignty. We are not interested in pseudo-autonomy, the fact that a few very limited transfers are given to the local council, because we know in advance that it will not allow Corsicans to live better, just to live. their land for future generations.

This weekend, houses were set on fire in Ometo and Santa Maria di Lota. Labels including the FLNC acronym were found on the walls of some. What is your point of view?

I am not going to comment on specific facts; On the other hand, I can tell you now and during this congress that the Corsican Libera has voted a very clear proposal that gives political and patriotic support to all Corsicans who are fighting for the re-appropriation of their rights, in particular. Militants of the National Liberation Front of Corsica. We believe that today the situation is dire for our people, whose existence is in danger, Paris has not taken into account the democratic fact of Corsica in recent years, nor the historic gesture of the FLNC in 2014 and has committed other acts since then. Today we carry this solidarity and we carry this solution so that Corsica can move to another stage.

Today we talk about a historical process, but there is none. We are talking about historical discussions, but today there are no projects supported by Corsican representatives. We bring debate and philosophy to the table: for us, these debates must be anchored around a solution to a 50-year-old conflict. They must guarantee the existence of the legal community of the Corsican people, not the common population, on Corsican land. We also have ten points in the table that can change the lives of Corsicans. This is what we propose for discussion. This is the philosophy of the orientation movement adopted by the Corsican Libera.

Reported in this Sunday’s Corte:

Speakers: Petr’Anto Tomasi

Journalist team: S. Graziani – C. Giugliano

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