Commission to investigate far-right violence: As the LFI tries to regain its political virginity

Under the leadership of Seine-Saint-Denis third constituency deputy Thomas Portes, around sixty NUPES deputies intend to appeal to a commission of inquiry in parliament. “Violence by far-right groups”. Thomas Portes, railwayman, former member of the PCF, ex-spokesman of Sandrine Rousseau and now member of the LFI, president of the far-right Observatory: he more often treats members of the Identity Generation. “Nazis”. A member of the law commission, he also presented a report to the Monitoring Committee against sexist and sexual violence of La France insoumise in July 2022. In 2018, a similar report was issued to PCF’s sexist and sexual violence reference group.

Admittedly, one immediately thinks of the numerous acts of real violence against people and property by all LFI trustees during demonstrations, around universities or even during armed actions during election campaigns. No commission of inquiry will be required against this violence, the Macron government is indirectly using left-wing thugs to push back “all the extremes”. Accustomed to violence, these far-left activists have even set up shop: thus, in Grenoble, Astrid Dumon, who was convicted of assault and violence at a meeting against a UNI activist last July, is a candidate nominated by UNEF, UEG and Solidaires, a student. trade unions – supported by LFI, EELV and NPA – for the Council of the Faculty of Law. Given all this violence, a weapon for the far left to create noise, destabilize society and intimidate political enemies, we can only come to this warning with anger. “Against far-right violence” : LFI is a party of social order and an example of democracy, we believe in what we dream of.

But why such an “institutional” type of activity?

in an interview Let it goThomas Porte explains his concern about the revival of “small groups”: “We need to know who they are, what their actions are and who their members are. To fight them, you need to watch them very carefully. And do a good analysis: in what perimeters do they move, what violent actions do they take, etc. » And the LFI deputy to evoke two final movements: “When we saw Stains town hall [en Seine-Saint-Denis] Occupied by Action Française or what happened outside the demonstrations after Lola’s death, we can see something sprouting all over the country. However, there is no political education on this issue, almost no one talks about extreme right groups. »

Almost no one talks about these two events “Extreme Right Groups” ? But it’s only because it’s not about that, it’s about the angry French people, that their way of life, culture, security, history was stolen from them, their children were killed. These acts of “violence” – the Action française in Stains, to protest the naming of a street after Mohammed’s wife; The march in support of Lola, the cries of the French, horrified by the brutality of a crime committed by a foreigner in an irregular situation, a section of the population that LFI has turned into its business – therefore these violent actions are only a citizen’s protest. the country is in mortal danger. They go far beyond the scope of RN or Reconquest parties. In France, as in Europe, people are beginning to consider the mortal dangers hanging over them.

And in this regard, LFI has a lot to hide in terms of compromise and electoral clientelism. This commission of inquiry, in fact, aims to confirm the axiom “extreme right equals violence” in institutional discourse as well as in public debate. It comes at the right time for LFI: when the violence of reality begins to shake the French people, it is about regaining control of the official discourse. It is not a distortion of reality because it is impossible, but a means of enforcing the perception of reality. The goal is for a party that has lost popular consensus and is faced with the reality of the consequences of immigration to continue its forced march to re-demonize the RN. Thomas Porte does not hide it: “This is the first step. […] But I want to continue working on the far right in a broad sense, at the parliamentary level, for example in parties like Reconquête and National Rally. I would also like to see the media spaces where the far right can express itself, and even the links with other European organizations. This is the first stage of a long battle in which I want to be involved […] We cannot be satisfied with recommendations, this commission will have to develop a mandatory and strict legislative mechanism for these small groups. »

When the real rebels, the French, begin to open their eyes, when the psychiatry of debates no longer works, only ideologues are left to judge political life. For there is no doubt that if the virtuous Thomas Porte succeeds in his aims, procedures and legal measures will rain upon the patriot movement.

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