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Forwards drive sports cars, while defenders prefer Grand Tourers.

What are the favorite cars of football stars? That’s according to an evaluation of 305 international footballers and their cars.

Strong points:

– Forwards and midfielders like fast cars like sports cars.

– Goalkeepers prefer grand tourers and SUVs.

Also, players’ favorite brands and models are highlighted. Mercedes and Audi are the most popular brands among football players.

The analysis reveals the most popular cars used by more than 300 international footballers and highlights the striking correlation between the type of vehicle and the player’s position.

Forwards and midfielders prefer to drive sports cars. The Grand Tourer is the most popular car for defenders and goalkeepers. The three top scoring car brands in the world are Mercedes, Audi and Land Rover.

To mark the start of the FIFA World Cup, Autodoc car experts have published a review documenting the cars of the world’s best footballers. It allows you to see what models, brands and series players are driving. This long-term study covers hundreds of current and retired players and their favorite cars from 45 different countries. This evaluation made it possible to establish a relationship between the category of the vehicle and the position of the player in his team.

Fast players like fast cars: midfielders and forwards prefer sports cars

An analysis of 305 soccer players and their cars reveals a surprising correlation between a player’s position and his preferred car model. According to him, strikers and midfielders prefer sports cars. 38% of attackers owned a sports car, including Antoine Griezmann (McLaren 675LT), João Felix (Ferrari 488 GTB) and Robert Lewandowski (Ferrari F12 Berlinetta). Sports cars are more popular among midfielders, with almost every second player driving a sports model, such as Leon Goretzka (Mercedes AMG V8 Biturbo) and Mario Götze (Mercedes SL 500). The most famous brands are Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche.

Fun in the cages and on the road: goalies and defenders prefer Grand Tourers

Note that most of the best goalkeepers in the world prefer to travel by Grand Tourer or SUV. A total of 36% of goalkeepers rated SUVs, including Dane Kasper Schmeichel, who usually drives a Range Rover Sport, and Poland’s Wojciech Szcz?sny with a Porsche Cayenne Lumma Design. 44% own a Grand Tourer, like Manuel Neuer, who drives an Audi RS6. Unlike their fellow strikers and midfielders, goalkeepers aren’t particularly keen on sports cars. Only 4% of goalkeepers surveyed drive a sports car.

Large vehicles are also favored by Defenders. 36% of defenders drive an SUV, such as Dutchman Virgil van Dijk (Mercedes-AMG G63), Theo Hernandez (Lamborghini Urus) and Croatian Dejan Lovren (Mercedes GLE Coupe). 37% prefer Grand Tourers such as the Englishman Jordan Henderson (Audi RS7) and the Swiss Ricardo Rodriguez (Porsche Panamera Turbo S). Only a fifth of the world’s best defenders drive a sports car like the legendary John Terry, who completes his Ferrari collection with a Ferrari 275 GTB worth more than two million euros.

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Mercedes is the favorite car brand of our football players

The analysis shows that Mercedes-Benz is the most popular car brand among the top international players. 54 out of 276 sportsmen studied drive Mercedes-Benz. The most popular models are the Mercedes G-Class G63Image AMG and the Mercedes C63 AMG, each driven by five players.

The most popular car model is the Bentley Continental GT. In total, 24 players drive this model, worth a tidy sum of €215,000 and more. Among the players who own a Bentley, 11 are English. Land Rover’s Range Rover Sport is also popular among footballers and is owned by 21 of the 68 players rated.

The full evaluation, as well as a list of all the players studied and their cars, is available at: -best-players-of-recent-years

Sources: All information about player machines is collected from newspapers, magazines, social media profiles, fan club posts, forums and other public sources. The research lasted about five years. For players with many cars, analysis is considered the most valuable and expensive model.

About AUTODOC: AUTODOC is one of the leading online retailers of car parts and accessories in Europe. Founded only 14 years ago in Berlin by Alexey Erdle, Max Wegner and Vitaliy Kungel, this company has quickly become one of the most dynamic online companies in Europe. As of September 2021, the company operates as a public limited company and has a new board of directors consisting of Kristian Gisy (CEO), Bert Althaus (CFO) and Dmitri Zadorojnii (CTO). In 2021, AUTODOC achieved a turnover of more than one billion euros (2020: 842 million euros). AUTODOC offers 4.8 million products for 166 car brands, 23 truck brands and 154 motorcycle brands. AUTODOC operates in 27 European countries and employs 5,000 people in six locations.

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