Fleury: political decision is killing the Panthers

After an already complicated end to last year for the Fleury-les-Aubrais Panthers, their problems are not getting any better. And to make matters worse, the club is about to close for good. After more than 20 years in the first division, the Panthers tasted relegation for the first time this year. But outside of sports, it is the financial aspect that worries the club. And this Thursday, November 17, the Metropolis council played a very bad game on them.

By Timothé Beuret

Fleury’s Panthers are at the top of their game after winning the French Cup in 2014. ©fleuryloirethandball

It should be recalled that the club is experiencing a major financial crisis due to the 200,000 euro state loan (PGE) it contracted during the health crisis. A loan granted to compensate for the lack of income due to the suspension of competitions. Since then, the club has not been able to raise the top.

After the hope that brought the club back to life…

However, €80,000 has been raised in the summer of 2022 thanks to additional private partnerships and supplier debt waivers. The region and the department are helping to restore hope with exceptional grants of €35,000 each. With this 150,000 euros obtained, there was hope.

The amount determined by the National Control and Management Commission (CNCG) and the amount the club had to find to comply with the first stage of the clearance plan (the operation of checking the company’s accounts to ensure that everything is in good standing) was €300,000.

The result came at a meeting of the Metropolitan Council on Thursday evening, when its 89 elected officials were due to vote on an exceptional grant of €100,000 in favor of the Pantheres women’s professional handball club, which would have allowed them to leave. this situation.

Misunderstanding leads to despair

But a dramatic change occurred, changing all the cards and exacerbating the tension between the municipality of Fleury and Metropolis. Indeed, it is the most common misunderstanding that Fleury’s panthers find themselves canceling the approval of a €100,000 subsidy … Serge Grouard. Although
formalized obligations », especially in the letter in which the President of Orléans Métropole undertook to pay an exceptional subsidy of 100,000 euros, and after last week the Conference of Mayors approved the payment of the same subsidy, Serge Grouard decided against all odds, to vote against this subsidy, strongly condemning the Panthers.

The mayor of Fleury-les-Obrais, Carole Canette, reacted by making a statement to the press.
“we strongly condemn these deplorable methods in the service of a disastrous decision”. Moreover, it is a whole club, a training center, an organization, a history and, above all, a representation of the success of women’s sports that is about to disappear after this decision in the metropolis of Orleans.

Two weights, two sizes

But ultimately, does women’s sporting success have the same value as men’s success? Because, in that session (like every year), subsidies in the amount of 1,112,000 euros for men’s basketball and 420,000 euros for men’s football were voted. All this without creating any difficulties for the metropolitan majority.

Everyone will have their own opinion on this, but no matter what happens, the feelings the Panthers gave us and the impact they brought to Metropolis will remain a model of success and a source of inspiration. Whatever the region, whatever the sport. And who knows? Given the countless reversals in this case, let’s hope the Fleury-les-Aubrais Panthers find the money they need to rebuild the club and find a smile of victory.

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