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Government of Elisabeth Bornecase

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Dear Govt

174 million euros: Elisabeth Borne’s government spends on the French every year, according to AFP. With 41 ministers and 565 advisers, the current team is the most expensive team in history. By comparison, this budget is 4.3% more than during the Jean Castex period; he himself increased this amount by 26% compared to the government of his predecessor Eduard Philippe. René Dosière, a former deputy of the PS and expert on public expenditure, made calculations based on the budget documents. Yes, inflation also affects the state’s highest peak.


The “psychological abuse” Julien Bayou rebuke so far is too vague and not detailed. Several women go into detail in one article Reporter, Posted on Tuesday, October 25th. The man who was stripped of his mantle as EE-LV national secretary after being accused of abusing his ex-girlfriends and was apparently put under surveillance released, would be “tooled his position for predatory purposes”, environmental media says. It is the first time that several of them testify (contact He was released, they refused to speak) and spoke of humiliation. He supposedly has an ex-boyfriend whom he nicknames “Repressed Gudu” or for whom he will reprove “crazy, extreme and paranoid”. A few years ago, the attacker had a history of not being harassed enough to show his name on the list of supporters for the 2021 regionals. two suicide attempts. This will lead to undisclosed free relationships, cheating and STIs. “I was afraid of leaving him and being excluded from the Greens, being blacklisted”, explains one of them. And finally, this researcher Gwénola Sueur summarizes: “It exploits the labor of women activists, who are more marginalized because their work is not recognized and appropriated by the Bayou. They know that if they leave, they will be further isolated.”

France got it wrong

“I don’t understand the opinion. Between the RIP’s obstruction and the 49.3 that prevented it from being voted on, the capitalist rent is well protected. Eric Cockerel, Deputy LFI and Chairman of the Finance Committee, reacted to the Constitutional Council’s decision to reject Nupes’ joint initiative referendum project on taxation of super profits. The pundits predicted on Tuesday that the bill of the left alliance (LFI, PS, PCF and EE-LV) “Creating an additional contribution to the exclusive profits of large companies does not meet the constitutional and organic conditions” is planned. In other words, the Nupes project, according to the Constitutional Council, does not correspond to the category of texts that can be the subject of the RIP, according to the terms of the Constitution. To the chagrin of his instigators who ensured it “the fight goes on”.

Best in class

Fabien Roussel likes to look good. It should be a little more different than Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the boss of the Communists. JDDHe writes to Philippe Martinez, general secretary of the CGT, to reassure him “all support” Last week, he confronts the rebellious villain who denounced these words “sectarians” cégétiste In a blog post published on Saturday, October 22, Mélenchon lamented the fragmentation of unions and the impossibility of building a united front against Macron. It didn’t take long for Roussel to come to Martinez’s aid “We condemn offensive language” is assumed to be its subject “from a left-wing politician”. “Rather, we should respect each other and respect each other’s role in political or trade union commitment.”, – writes the MP from the North. As political ulterior motives are never far away, Russell takes the opportunity to remember this “PCF will continue to support the choices and schedule of trade union and youth organizations in the coming weeks”. Here, Mélenchon, take this.

small players

We are learning parisian More than Nicolas Sarkozy and Olivier Verandan “Now Appreciate One Another”, the former president has long said (privately) that the ex-Health Minister and her handling of Covid were worse than being hanged. It’s gotten better since then “The two men have seen each other twice in the past few months to clear up any misunderstandings.”the newspaper writes that these interviews took place “discreet before summer, one-on-one and in offices” Sarco. Meanwhile, Veran revealed in his book that he voted for Bayrou in the first round in 2007 and Sarkozy in the second round (and not for Segolene Royal when he was still in the PS), but apparently there was nothing…

And otherwise…

Richard Ramos does not give up. MP Modem continues its fight against nitrite salts in delicatessen. After presenting a report and bill on the subject in the previous legislative term, the centrist is resuming the debate by appealing, the Official Journal tells us this Wednesday, “Proposal for a European resolution on banning nitrate additives in charcuterie products”. The conflict between the elected Loiret and the lobbies of the sector continues.

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