According to former minister Dominic Cardi, the rights of francophones are under threat

Former New Brunswick Minister of Education, Dominic Cardibelieves in its existence Chris Austin in the committee responsible for responding to the recommendations of the auditor’s report Finn and McLaughlin A review of the Official Languages ​​Act poses a risk to francophones.

Austin, c’est pas quelqu’un qui est capable de vraiment participer dans une manière positive avec cette conversation”,”text”:”C’est clair qu’avec toute l’histoire de monsieur Austin, c’est pas quelqu’un qui est capable de vraiment participer dans une manière positive avec cette conversation”}}”>Obviously, with all the history of Mr. Austinnot someone who can really engage positively with this conversationis evaluated Dominic Cardinow sits as an independent but is still a member in good standing of the Progressive Conservative Party.

Dominic Cardi He says he’s not the only one who thinks so. There are many people in the caucus who share my concern with Mr. Janab Pasha’s presence. Austin in this process.

Premier Blaine Higgs’ appointment of Chris Austin to a committee to review the Official Languages ​​Act sparked an outcry in Acadian civil society.

Photo: Radio-Canada

When he handed in his resignation, the minister Cardi He blamed the prime minister Higgs Due to the delay in the response to the recommendations regarding the revision of the Official Languages ​​Act. Now, when asked if he believes the government can apply a rollback when revising the law, his answer is unequivocal: Yes, absolutelyhe answers.

According to him, two elements show that this risk is very real.

The first is the delay in responding to recommendations made almost a year ago. An answer from the Prime Minister, because he is the one driving the agenda herehe says.

The second element is the designation Chris Austin in the law revision committee. Austin, ce n’est pas exactement une indication positive pour les francophones du Nouveau-Brunswick.”,”text”:”Avec la place de monsieur Austin, ce n’est pas exactement une indication positive pour les francophones du Nouveau-Brunswick.”}}”>With the location of Mr. Austinwhich is not exactly a positive sign for New Brunswick francophones.

The former education minister, who has been particularly outspoken in criticizing the Prime Minister’s management style, is now Blaine Higgs retire as soon as possible for the good of the province and the party. I think we clearly have some work to do when the Prime Minister decides to start another chapter in his life, hopefully soon enough.

According to him, there will be a lot of work to do after leaving Blaine Higgs. We have work to unite the province, to unite our party.

Dominic Cardy and Blaine Higgs in the background.

Dominic Cardy (right) and Blaine Higgs (left) at an education summit in Fredericton on October 16, 2019.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Tory ministers remain cautious

Several Conservative ministers were questioned about their presence Chris Austin In the committee responsible for reviewing the Official Languages ​​Act.

The minister responsible for the Regional Development Corporation, Rejean Savoie, who is also a member of the committee, refused to condemn Chris Austin’s involvement.

I am here to work with everyone on the committee. »

quote from Rejean Savoie, Minister of the Regional Development Corporation

However, Minister Savoie avoided several direct questions to reiterate that he wanted to work with everyone, but he still wanted to address those who expressed concerns about the role of the Prime Minister. Higgs Chris said Austin.

Réjean Savoie answers journalists' questions.

Minister Réjean Savoie refused to condemn the appointment of Chris Austin to the committee responsible for reviewing the Official Languages ​​Act.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Michel Corriveau

One thing I want my French speaking and Acadian compatriots to be well advised, I am here to work and protect their rights. I will always do that, but on the other hand, I will do it respectfully and cooperatively with everyone.he said.

Though Chris Austin Minister Savoie, who freely and openly expresses his views on official languages, refuses to do so.

Minister Holland answers journalists' questions.

Minister Mike Holland believes Chris Austin wants to preserve bilingualism in New Brunswick.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Michel Corriveau

Another member of the committee, mike hollanddefended his appointment Chris Austin within the committee.

We must ensure that bilingualism in the state of New Brunswick is preserved, preserved and Chris Austinhe said from his own mouth that it was for himthrew mike holland.

Many times, Chris Austin stated that he actually supported official bilingualism, but objected to the way it was implemented.

The former leader of the People’s Alliance of New Brunswick has long called for, for example, better access for monolingual Anglophones to designated bilingual positions, as well as the merger of health care networks or the abolition of the Office of the Commissioner for Official Languages.

Minister of Health, Bruce Fitch, a former Progressive Conservative leadership candidate, is not a member of the official languages ​​committee. But he refuses to condemn his decision Blaine Higgs Assigning Chris there Austin.

I believe in the Prime Minister that he will name people in this regard and I hope that they will make the right decisionshe just said.

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