Weights, funeral, politics, tourism: news for Friday, November 18, 2022

Caledonian news highlights this morning: The last part of the David case before the serious crimes that saw a man convicted of the murder of his son yesterday, the remains of Louis Kotra Uregei returned to the country, Palika’s position or tourism figures.

The trial epilogue of the David case, which took place today, May 2018. A group of men caught hitchhiking and subjected the driver to numerous insults. The first protagonists of this case were tried in 2020, and then in 2021 on appeal. One defendant remains to appear in court this Friday on charges of aggravated assault, kidnapping and repeated robbery with forcible confinement. A decision is expected today. The defendant faces twenty years in prison.

Yesterday, there was a murder due to drunkenness, and a criminal case was opened. In January 2020, a man killed his son in La Foa. It seems that two people living under the same roof have a conflicting relationship. The father, who is in his seventies, was sentenced to ten years in prison.

Start this morning of three days of meditation: the remains of Louis Kotra Uregein, who died in France on October 21, arrived in New Caledonia last night. Ko We Kara Cultural Center is hosting the evening. Burial will be held Monday afternoon at the 5th km cemetery.

Palika wants the independence of New Caledonia, which is a partner of France. An agreement presented by Jean-Pierre Djaiwe as a middle way out of the impasse. The spokesperson of Kanak Liberation Party talked about the transition period until 2024, which ended with the referendum for access to full sovereignty with partnership in the morning guest. He also confirmed at last weekend’s congress in Yate that his movement wants to return to the discussion table. It was announced that the ministers met at the end of the month and joined the working groups.
The interview you can find on our website this morning

For its part, the Caledonian Union affirms its desire for independence by 2025. The party will meet with the representative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Francois Carenko, at the end of November. However, according to him, participation in bilateral meetings will be possible only after the FLNKS congress to be held at the end of January 2023. Reacting to the press release issued by the Committee of Elders yesterday, UC. The body responsible for monitoring the values ​​of coexistence in public debate pointed to comments made by Daniel Goa: “It is perfectly normal for President Goa to provide his analysis of the political context, even to warn of things that could destabilize our country,” the Caledonian Union responds. (…) Wanting to see a call to violence is malicious intent, a desire to control public opinion.

Congress is holding its standing committee meeting in open session today from 9 am. On the agenda: the new Customs Code or the provisions on loans to employees of political groups.

It’s been almost a year since New Caledonia’s skies reopened internationally. The Institute of Statistics and Economic Research analyzes that tourism is recovering, but in the rehabilitation phase. After a bold recovery in the first quarter of 2022, growth continues and is accentuated in the second quarter. The reopening of borders in Australia and New Zealand partly explains this recovery. In total, less than twenty thousand people spent time on Caillou between January and July.

UT CFE-CGC’s strike call was widely followed yesterday. The trade union representatives were accepted, but this time a new meeting with the president of the government was required. The territorial association is threatening to renew the movement if the discussions on the revaluation of the index point fail.

During the prevention forum organized by Jafat in Nouméa yesterday evening, the issue of safety at work was discussed. About three thousand accidents were registered in 2021. Eight out of ten occur during daily work. The sector most affected by accidents: trade, ahead of construction and industry.

A meeting of the management committee of Saint-Louis was held yesterday. He prepared a progress report on economic and social measures for the benefit of this Mont-Dor tribe between 2017 and 2021. The institution established in 2005 brings together the state, municipality, southern province, and unions. and industrial tradition.

Loyalty Province opts out of Waste Reduction Week. Start today at Mare, Tadine college. SERD’Îles 2022 theme, “Let’s act against waste, protect our island”. With three goals: to rely on natural resources to replace industrial products; share and transfer traditional know-how; and finally, adapting new techniques for waste reuse.

Established in 2020, the Pacific-Australian Youth Association (Pacific-Australian Youth Association) is holding its “initial summit” in Noumea. Officially opened today at the Australian Consulate, it brings together thirty residents between the ages of eighteen and thirty from this Caledonian country or the rest of the region.

After four evenings of preliminary selection, twelve candidates were chosen and it was time for the finals. This year, Operation Sing My City, sponsored by Tyssia, ends this evening from 18:00 to 21:00 at the Nouméa music hall (a bus leaves from the neighborhood town halls at 5).

Three short films about the personality of Dumbéenne were screened at the town cinema from 8:30 this morning. They are made by CE2/CM1 classes. By visualizing achievements around the identity of the city of Dumbéa. The institutions selected after the call for applications: Gustave-Clain in Coutio, the Catholic school in Dumbéa-sur-Mer and John-Higginson in Dumbéa Rivière.

Patchwork, ukulele, line dancing, language classes, yoga… These are some of the activities offered by Les Fils d’argent. The Nouméenne association, based in Owen Thoreau and with 450 members, is celebrating forty-five years. And today is an open house from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Finally, an excursion to the region. New Zealand intends to fight light pollution. The Maori leaders of this initiative are educating the public about the ecological and cultural importance of the Dark Sky Reserve. The next step is to increase public awareness of light pollution through education.

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