Political storm after Bassil’s comments about Frangie –

It is the answer of the shepherd to the shepherd. Speaker of the Parliament Nabih Berry and MP Tony Frangie did not wait to send a strong response to Gebran Bassil, the leader of the Free Patriotic Movement, who criticized the trinity of the 1990s represented by the three poles of the time. State President Elias Hraoui, Speaker of the Chamber Nabih Berry and Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, to express their opposition to Marada leader Sleiman Frangie joining the Supreme Magistrate.

“In any case, the situation in the 1990s was better than the situation that prevailed in the last six years and concluded by the Aoun-Bassil-Jreissati trinomial,” supported Mr. Berry’s press office in a press release. to former President Michel Aoun’s eightieth, his son-in-law Gebran Bassil, who is considered the shadow president, and Sélim Jreissati, Mr. Aoun’s adviser.

“Sleiman Frangié will remain a unifying national figure that goes beyond the sectarianism and other attempts at division that have consumed the country. We also do not agree with you on the political program and reforms or state building. We have clearly seen the results. Yours. You have led us to hell,” the Marada leader said in turn. son Tony started Frangie.

Gebran Bassil, who is currently on a trip to Paris, said in a memo dated Tuesday that was said to have been leaked that the presidential elections cannot be held without the CPL under any circumstances. “If all parties agree on the name of Sleiman Frangié (the potential candidate of Hezbollah), the position of the Free Patriotic Movement will be concluded with ‘no’,” he said. “If we do not accept him, there will be no president. We will not allow ourselves to elect someone like Sleiman Frangie. The election of Frangie will take us back to the era of the 1990s. We will go through this Hraoui-Berry feud. Hariri Troika to Frangie-Berry-Mikati,” said CPL- referring to Najib Mikati for the position of prime minister against whom he campaigned.

Nabih Berry’s scathing response to the Marada leader prompted Selim Jreissati to react in turn, saying he was “honoured” to belong to the trio “which has never put me against my well-known moral, national and academic values”.

CPL is trying to get upset

Shortly after the leaked memo on Thursday, the CPL issued a statement asking its current members “not to attack anyone in their internal meetings, in the media and on social networks” because “the current liberal politics is in a phase of communication with” various political forces. “The CPL leader did not attack anyone, but he explained the reasons for not supporting Sleiman Frangie’s candidacy during an internal meeting with the party office in Paris,” the report said. Among other things, he attributed this opposition to “disagreement over the political program of reforms for state building”, while the CPL held a majority in power until the last legislature (2022) and Gebran Bassil played a leading role, leading to a state weakened by Hezbollah, endemic corruption and dealt a fatal blow to the political class that prioritized its own interests over the interests of the country.

It was in the context of an interview with France 24 that Gebran Bassil Sleiman justified his opposition to Frangié’s election on the basis of a difference of opinion on the vision of reforms. “We fully understand the position of other parties, especially Hezbollah, regarding the need to protect the country, the Resistance and others, but we believe that the priority today is state building, which does not contradict the defense of Lebanon.” He defended a man sanctioned by the United States for corruption, whose only success was to place his supporters in all services and all offices of the state, under his direct orders. A process that contradicts the concept of the state that the CPL chief claims to want to build. The fact is that Gebran Bassil has tried to distinguish himself from the political class that the population mocks, when he is an integral part of it, as he has done relentlessly since the uprising of October 17, 2019. “We have come to change the politics of this political structure, but the change must come from within. (…) Entering institutions for this purpose does not mean that you are a part of this structure.”

As for American sanctions, he believed that these sanctions were imposed on him because of his relations with Hezbollah. He said that “since there are no documents and evidence against him, he is openly taking steps to remove them.” Various American officials questioned on the matter welcomed any appeal by Mr. Bassil against Washington’s decision because then all the documents collected against him would be made public during the trial.

Gebran Bassil also denied any connection between efforts to lift sanctions against him and the US-brokered agreement between Israel and Lebanon to demarcate their common maritime border.

As for his visit to Paris, he said that he “met with the people he had to see” at his own request in order to “present an idea and a program related to the prevention of presidential elections.” According to him, France has no initiative in favor of Lebanon.

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