? The Senate asks the government to support the hemp sector

The environmental group welcomes the overwhelming passage of the Senate this Thursday, November 17th, a resolution co-signed by more than fifty senators from all parties aimed at supporting the development of the hemp plant. sector and to clarify the regulations for hemp products.

This proposal invites the government to strongly support the agricultural and industrial sector of the future.

Everything about hemp is good.

  • The flowers and leaves are used to produce CBD or extract aromas for perfumery.
  • Its seeds, which are very rich in protein, feed both humans and animals.
  • Straw with its fibers textile fiber, thermal insulation, bioplastic and special papers,
  • and chennevotte with its hard stem, for making plant concrete and litter.

Even better, hemp cultivation does not require phytosanitary products or irrigation, it restructures and pollutes the soil and is therefore easily adapted to crop rotation.

Its carbon storage properties have been phenomenal ever since hemp sequesters more carbon per hectare than forest.

Due to its insulating properties, hemp represents the future of the construction industry, both for construction and thermal repair.

Its agricultural properties make it a prime prospect for establishing a less polluting and water-intensive textile industry.

France is one of the world leaders in the production of hemp, so it is about promoting the national sector, which is essential for the ecological transition, creating activity and jobs in all our territories.

The government has committed to supporting the sector and promoting carbon sequestration by rewarding producers.

However, it continued to avoid strengthening financial support for manufacturers, particularly through loans from the France 2030 plan.

However, the environmental group deplores the Government’s slowness and lack of clarity on a major change to the rules currently suspended by the State Council on the sale of CBD-containing hemp flowers and leaves. This legal uncertainty, which has lasted for more than 4 years and has already led to the condemnation of France by the Court of Justice of the European Union, must be ended without delay. This is the second message the Senate has sent to the government this morning. France must maintain its position as a European leader.


Environmental Group – Senate Solidarity and Territories

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