A luxury bakery opens near the Grand Place in Lille

The products of Maison Beauchamp, a top-class bakery and pastry shop opened in Lille, are crafted with precision. (©HM/Lille News)

of cakes with a flawless finish, dough with perfect lamination and good yeast breadall are offered shop designed like a box. It is a very nice opening that is prepared a few steps from here Grand Place of Lille (North). Beauchamp Housea high class bread Present in Wattrelos since the end of 2019, it opens its doors this Saturday, November 19, 2022 at 14, rue de la Vieille Comédie.

For a few days swearing-in ceremony We tell you the long-awaited storyAness Zadi, 28 years old. This passionate and demanding master after tirelessly searching for a place to store his exceptional products, he finally settles in the capital of Flanders.

A long search to settle in Lille

Bread is in Aness’s blood, she grew up among the sacks of flour. “I got into this universe because my father had a traditional bakery in Roubaix. He quickly decided to make it his business, but not without following in his elder’s footsteps. “Since I was little, I like to excel in what I do. I especially wanted to deal with quality, not quantity, and constantly surprise customers. That’s why Aness Zadi is following the entire course to become a pastry chef.

He then went to London where he worked in research and development for airlines. “I prepared desserts and breads for first-class customers. This requires a lot of precision, because tastes change completely in the air. You also have to adapt to customers, be able to deceive the most difficult ones. “It was not an easy task, but through this experience the young man was able to further develop his taste for requirements.

Maison Beauchamp's Lille building housed leather goods brand Le Tanneur and later a donut shop.
The Lille building of Maison Beauchamp housed the leather goods brand Le Tanneur, then a donut shop. (©HM/Lille News)

In 2016, he returned to his homeland and decided to open his first business. He looks after Lil, of course. But his local search turns out to be more complicated than he thought. Fortunately, it is Wattrelos town hall that will give it a big boost. “They offered me a very nice surface, big enough for quality work. »

The young boss is not at the end of his troubles as he soon faces another big challenge. “I had a hard time finding my team. There is a real concern for craft education, especially in the North, where young people do not come out of schools like Ferrandi or Fauchon. Then he decided to hire novices and train them himself. But in the first six months of opening at Wattrelos, “I worked alone up to 20 hours a day. I slept there. »

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“The personal and financial investment is huge” for the craftsman, who never gave up on his dream of opening a luxury bakery and pastry shop. But the sacrifices paid off. Opening in December 2019 at 564 rue du Sapin Vert in Wattrelos, the first Maison Beauchamp bakery quickly found its following. “We have been able to keep 90% of our customers who come from outside the city. »

Haute couture pastry and sourdough bread

Today, Aness Zadi is the head of about thirty employees, including 17 purely production workers. And after a very long search and visiting dozens of buildings, he finally found a place to settle in the capital of Flanders. His shop is located at 14, rue de la Vieille Comédie, next to the Rihour metro station and a stone’s throw from the Grand Place in Lille. Despite his age, which is considered too young by some, he managed to find an owner who trusts him.

Today it is a great pleasure to open in Lille with a team that I have formed myself.

Aness ZadiFounder of Maison Beauchamp

After almost 6 months of operation, the store is about to open its doors. In this emerald green environment, you will find all the products that contribute to the success of Maison Beauchamp. First the bread, six types of special sourdough bread and a traditional baguette. Each loaf will have a minimum fermentation time of 72 hours and will be made with Label Rouge flour with no additives or improvers. Made in Wattrelos, it will be delivered fresh every morning before opening.

The pastries here are also up to the standards of Aness Zadi, who was specially trained to make pastry for two tourists. “Today there is almost no turning business,” he laments. However, the result is incomparable, with a flawless pastry and good butter taste.

Sweet pastries are made by tourists.
Sweet pastries are made by tourists. (©HM/Lille News)

In addition to these great classics, you can also enjoy the sumptuous viennoiserie New York Roll, a round croissant dough covered in frosting and filled with pastry cream.

New York Roll, the latest luxury creation of the moment.
New York Roll, the latest luxury creation of the moment. (©HM/Lille News)

Dressed to the nines, the pastry should also deliver to the sweet tooth. The brand’s best-selling product, Noisetier, is a delicious dessert that takes 8 steps to make. The finish, where the nuts and their shells are delicately placed over the mirror glaze, is made right in the back of the shop.

Maison Beauchamp's best sellers: hazelnuts.
Maison Beauchamp’s best sellers: hazelnuts. (©HM/Lille News)

As the vast majority of doughs were fragile, they would not have survived the journey from Wattrelos. “All the finishing works like icing and piping will be done here. Some pieces take 10-15 minutes to finish, it’s a jeweler’s job,” Aness emphasizes.

Finally, the “city that saw me grow up” created the Citadelle cake, a star-shaped cake of master Vauban’s famous castle, to pay homage to Lille. This pastry is available in 3 varieties: Gianduja, lemon and dark chocolate. Ephemeral recipes will be offered throughout the year.

Maison Beauchamp is also developing its catering division, especially its limited-edition sandwich offering, as they are made by the minute. And bigger cuts like beef wellington.

Prices are justified by quality

Located in Wattrelos, Le Sapin Vert is a luxury aspirational business standout in this working-class area. Installing it here was actually the idea of ​​a town hall that wanted to energize the sector. Therefore, local customers are sometimes surprised when they see the prices there. Count €2 for a traditional baguette and croissant and €8.10 for a Noisetier. Some comments on Google do not fail to emphasize this point. In particular, we can read “So stylish! So good! But how expensive is this” or “Good, but expensive! Too bad we can’t afford to go back at this price.”

However, aware of these criticisms, which remain exceptional, Aness has no difficulty in justifying his grades. “We spend a lot of time developing our products. We use only quality raw materials and seasonal products. We work with the best suppliers. The manager quotes Valrhona, the chocolatier who, he says, makes “the best chocolate in the world.” He will also create his own chocolate recipe with a touch of vanilla with a chef’s ‘touch’.

We know that there are flavors for our doughs. And we never stop being creative to offer signature pastries each new season.

Aness ZadiFounder of Maison Beauchamp

The young master also remembers the great research work done on the recipes to make them less sweet and less fatty. “We reduced the sugar by 30-40%, it leaves more room for taste. “It took us four months to find a recipe based on Isigny AOP butter” for the puff pastry of her croissants.

Finally, there is a cost to living in the capital of Flanders, with Lille rents being expensive. However, Aness is confident that it will offer “quality products not available in Lille”. All you have to do is discover Maison Beauchamp for yourself from November 19, 2022 to form your own opinion.

Practical information: Maison Beauchamp, 14, Rue de la Vieille Comédie, Lille. Tuesday – Friday 9:00 to 19:00, Saturday 9:00 to 19:30, Sunday 10:00 to 17:00. More information on the Instagram page of the bakery.

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