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Screenshot by @PARIS2024 The mascots of the Paris 2024 Olympics will be made mainly in China. Only 20% of production will be made in France.

Screenshot by @PARIS2024

The mascots of the Paris 2024 Olympics will be made mainly in China. Only 20% of production will be made in France.

OLYMPIC GAMES – Little known, the famous mascots of the Olympic Games never stop talking about them. The first reaction of some Internet users to the visual images is ” Friges It was there to see a very specific female organ, this Tuesday, November 15, more so the question of their production creates a problem.

Former Secretary of State Yves Jego, founder of the Origine France Garantie label, strongly criticized the largely Chinese production of small mascots for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

To the point that the government is forced to provide after-sales service. Industry Minister Representative Roland Lescure took it upon himself to try to end the growing controversy surrounding the issue. Made in China A very large part of the production of these products came from the Paris Olympics.

Last week in Bercy, I gathered about twenty companies carrying five daily items, watches, bicycles, toys… Especially Doudou et Compagnie was there. 20% (of mascots) is not enough, but still better than nothing, it will be made in France. To do this, they will increase the size of their factories in Brittany and hire workers “the minister explained first in the program Dawn of Apollo at RMC.

I would prefer to do 100% like Yves Jego. It’s already a good start, we must continue. Not necessarily for the next Olympics, because that might be 100 years from now, but maybe for the next sporting event we should have mascots entirely made in France. “, but Roland Lescure recognizes the question.

To justify China’s production of stuffed animals, organizers of the Paris Olympics suggested that ” the vast majority of stuffed animals are sold in France” It came from China, so it was decided to outsource most of the production to the Chinese.

Yves Jego rebelled

The reaction from the executive, coming shortly after Yves Jego’s rebel speech, was that given the announcement of the production of the French/Chinese distribution, ” Friges » has an effect cold showere “.

Instead of saying 20% ​​in France and 80% in China, it would be better to say 80% in France and 20% in China. It was good, it was a good deal. I don’t want Marianna to speak Chinese “, Yves Jego announced this Tuesday morning at RMC.

The announcement, the day after the Made in France show, came as a cold shower to all those hoping that these Olympic Games would be held in France. Phrygian cap, symbol of the Republic… I don’t know what to say Marianna in Chinese. They sold us a Chinese Phrygian hat. It is very symbolic “, also the former deputy and state secretary in charge of foreign affairs regretted.

According to Yves Jego, a bitter observation that shows the lack of ambition of the Olympic Committee: ” Leaving it to the Chinese is a very negative sign of giving up the will to try. We have never tried, we have not even approached French companies. If we don’t want any more factories, say so “.

If they will be produced mainly in China, the little red mascots of the Paris 2024 Olympics will be sold by French companies: Doudou et Compagnie and Gipsy.

The Olympic Phrygia and Paralympic Phrygia, which were unveiled with great fanfare by the Olympic Committee on Monday, are meant to be different from previous Games mascots, which have almost always been associated with animals. “We wanted to stand out and choose an ideal, not an animal” In particular, Tony Estanguet, president of the organizing committee, explained.

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