Pierre Bédier, president of the department, presents the housing policy

Enabling young people to find housing, launching innovative schemes to promote home ownership, helping municipalities to build housing… Pierre Bédier, President of the Yvelines Departmental Council, explains in detail the Department’s policy in this area.

Regarding housing, Pierre Bédier, president of the Yvelines departmental council, intends to solve the triple problem: “social, social and territorial”. CD78/N. Duprey

How to characterize the management policy in the field of housing?

Yvelines is the department that invests the most in housing. And this is to answer the triple challenge: social, social and territorial. Social, because the most modest and the youngest – and they are often the same – do not have the opportunity to find accommodation in Yvelines, either by renting or buying. Public, because the injustice done to the youth is fatal to our society; If this is true, it should not be forgotten: youth is our future. The area, finally: between Yvelines in the east and west, north and south, the price per square meter for purchase can vary from one to six!

What are its strengths?

It is primarily a global policy. This applies to the entire housing chain: land purchases, which sometimes have to be subsidized to keep sales prices at an affordable level, social access to home ownership for households, including diversified housing offers – rent-regulated, social rents, student or seniors. residences etc. -, which meets almost all requirements.

“The most attractive department of Ile-de-France”

But global policy must take into account its consequences: new residents who will need construction equipment – kindergartens, schools, gymnasiums, etc. – and we subsidize these needs very seriously so that they do not overload the finances of the municipalities. I would add that the eco-responsible dimension also inspires all our devices: the use of bio-based materials, the reduction of thermal strains and the protection of the environment.

For Pierre Bédier, “Les Yvelines is the most attractive department in the Paris region”. CD78. N. Duprey

Intentions aside, is this policy working?

Yes, definitely, but not enough! A number of indicators are coming up – the reduction in the shortage of social housing in municipalities, the increase in transfer rights* in new buildings, the growth of our population – prove that it works. However, it takes time. The time between the department’s political will, appropriation by municipally elected officials, and implementation by real estate developers is counted in years. Add to that legislative instability – which changes the rules of the game faster than the game can go – and some abusive appeals, and you get a sad inertia that only escalates at a significant cost of energy.

What message to send to Yvelinois?

Yvelines is the most attractive department in the Paris region. The quality of its towns and villages, the beauty and diversity of its landscapes, its abundance of monuments, its natural heritage and outdoor activities mean that when you are born in Yvelines you do everything to stay there, and if you are not Yvelinois, we do everything to become one.

“Elected officials are committed to protecting the quality of life in Yvelin”

However, we are not an open-air museum. We must adapt to improve again and again what we have inherited; we must build to meet the needs of our demographics and appeal. Elected officials are committed to maintaining the quality of life in Ivelyn: I don’t know anyone who wants to make their city ugly, quite the opposite! Let’s talk, let’s explain ourselves, but let’s not judge our intentions. Let’s not give back to others what we don’t want to see at home. Come to the body. Elected officials, entrepreneurs, citizens should trust us and move the projects forward together. This is important and even vital if we want Yvelines to be beautiful and dynamic, that is, beautiful because it is dynamic and even more beautiful because it is dynamic.

*Transfer duties are a tax on the sale of real estate. These include registration fees and land registration tax.

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