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Kitchen Special Edition Madame Figaro Special for the holiday Madame Figaro

We will eat it. And for good reason: the new Cuisine Special Edition Madame Figaro generous, 100 recipes for everyday life and holidays, meetings with chef Darroze, Ottolenghi, trends, news, gourmet and unexpected trips…

What is the relationship between Hélène Darroze and the Mont-Saint-Michel sisters? New Kitchen Special Edition Madame Figaro ! In addition to these guests delivering their tempting recipes on their pages, there are many other great surprises in this issue. From an exclusive meeting with chef Yotam Ottolenghi, who has published a new book, to amazing and indispensable recipes for the holidays, including small stews ideal for winter, we will not forget the notebook for putting vegetables and spices in all sauces. To be hungry. A little page turning…

Hélène Darroze, generous guest

Special Kitchen Series teams Madame Figaro the cook pushed open Hélène Darroze’s door and asked her to sit down to eat. With a star-studded career that includes 3 at Connaught in London, 2 at Marsan, 1 at Paris and 1 at Villa Lacoste in Provence, the Top Chef judges are giving themselves up for good, reminiscing about their Christmas dishes. for their loved ones and all their loved ones. Confidently, he did not hesitate to open the recipe book. Capon des Landes stuffed with foie gras crusts, sweetbreads and pumpkin with chestnuts, apple and sweet spiced donuts or even beans wrapped in hazelnut praline and candied clementine… are just a few examples of the delicacies he offers to prepare at home. .

Christmas at Hélène Darroze Madame Figaro

Mont Saint-Michel: Sisters of the Cordon Bleu

This is by Cooking Special Edition Madame Figaro it is also proof that greed is everywhere in France. Even in the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel, where the sisters of the brothers of Jerusalem live. These sisters prepare meals daily with simplicity and inspiration for those who come to stay within their walls during spiritual retreats. It was one of these visitors, the stylist Laurence du Tilly, who came to recharge their batteries and, impressed by their talent, suggested that they create a collection of their recipes. They replied: “The Lord has heard us.” And these are some of their wonderful specialties – in garlic rolls, Christmas hot chocolate or apple galette des rois… – you can find them in the pages of Special Edition Kitchen. Madame Figaro.

Yotam Ottolenghi: interview and exclusive recipes

The famous chef, the author of culinary bestsellers speaks little… And again, on the occasion of the release of his new book Extra Good Stuff He gave an exclusive interview to Hachette Cuisine publications, Hors-Série Cuisine. Madame Figaro. The opportunity to discuss with him the reasons for his international success, to understand how he works, how he sublimates a very simple dish with sauce – the subject of this new work, moreover – and to steal from him a list of his favorite ingredients. … And as a bonus, he offered two mouth-watering recipes that reflect the Ottolenghi style of combining 100% Middle Eastern references, various vegetables and unexpected flavors…

Classics: tradition is good

Classics are also in the spotlight in the Cuisine Special Edition Madame Figaro. We pull out the crock pot to simmer a pot-au-feu of oxtail, shellfish and crawfish, chicken and other cinnamon apples. We also grease the cake pans with star chef Jean Sulpice, who cares about this important part of the family kitchen. However, limiting yourself to a basic sugary fruitcake or a very banal ham and cheese is out of the question. No! Jean Sulpice fills her cakes with cauliflower, serves them with scallops… Enough to arouse curiosity and especially appetite.

Parties: set for the unmissable New Year’s Eve

Of course, this Kitchen Special Edition has a taste of the holidays. Emilie Franzo, eat girl The influencers, better known as @plus_une_miette, have thus imagined desserts such as tiramisu-style pavlova and new chocolate delicacies that will end beautifully by the end of the year. But before dessert, there is an aperitif, buffet-style, with small, delicate and varied portions, such as delicate beet bites, whipped ricotta with herbs and salmon roe, or mini tartlets with brioche. , hummus and butter. And for the serious stuff? If we bet on Italy! Holiday tables in this country are real feasts that bring the whole family together. Unforgettable moments where specialties from all regions are offered. Gnocchi, chouchous, burratina Turner… can replace the capo on the tables of December 24 this winter. Follow Big Mamma Group executive chef Alberto Suardi on a gourmet tour at La Botte.

Italian Express Madame Figaro

Autumn and winter: ultra-gourmet seasons

Sweet potatoes, cabbage, oranges, all kinds of pumpkins, beets, carrots… Autumn-winter is an invitation to cook fruits and vegetables with color. Not inspired? Do not panic! Enter the “Faim de nature” recipe book of the special edition kitchen Madame Figaro. We’re also looking at buckwheat to add gourmet and eco-friendliness to seasonal dishes. Buckwheat, in fact, is making a big comeback on plates, especially with the push of country chef Bertrand Larcher, founder of Breizh Café. If buckwheat is the basis of pancakes in their restaurant, they also place buckwheat in all sauces. With it, we begin to prepare buckwheat sweet bread and crab shells or even buckwheat puff pastry cream with buckwheat honey.

And that’s not all…

The latest trends in the kitchen, delicious innovations, faces to watch like Chef Alice Arnoux, a fun and charming meeting with Chef Mori Sacco… This new Special Edition Madame Figarothese are 100 recipes to treasure, “production secrets” of the most prominent figures in gastronomy, but also plenty of appetizers to eat to know everything about good food.

Available from November 7 on newsstands and online at boutique.lefigaro.fr

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