“Dharma will be the minister of regulation”

Bruno Retailleau, LR senator from Vendee, president of the LR group in the Senate and Republican presidential candidate, was the guest of the “political breakfast” on Sud Radio.

Immigration, Republican presidential race, medical deserts, supplemental pensions: Bruno Retailleau Patrick answered Roger’s questions.

Immigration: “Mr Darmanin overcommunicates, but he is weak on facts

Debates on the immigration bill will begin at the end of November. “We expected that Mr. Darman would be the minister of immigration, he would be the minister of statutes. Bruno condemns Retailleau. His proposed measures are a formidable challenge to the weather. By employing those who do not yet have the right to stay in France because the right to asylum will not be recognized, we open a second window for them! taunts the senator. We create residence permits for professions in tension, but all professions in France are in tension! We’re opening the floodgates wide, it’s a major streamlining project“.

LRs want to restore double punishment and create a court specialized in the removal of foreign criminals. “We must restore the crime of illegal stay in France“. Otherwise,”Any foreigner who enters French territory irregularly must be sure that he will never be regular. II There are three times less OQTF executions today than in 2012, Mr. Darmani’s false assertionwho overcommunicates but who is weak in facts“. Bruno Retailleau recalls recent crime figures: “links between crime and immigration. There is cause and effect, says the senator: mass, uncontrolled migration = increased security risk“.

Medical deserts: “The government stole the idea of ​​4th year medicine from us, but it stole it badly!”

Regarding medical deserts, Bruno Retailleau passed the bill in his 4th year of medical education. This is pretty much what the government is proposing. “It was the government that stole the idea from us! condemns the senator. But he took it badly, made a political operation and did not explain the modalities. He fell over the carpet. That’s what happens when you’re in a hurry! He assured the interns that they would be paid like this. We want them to be paid for their services like their elders“.

Since general medicine is already a specialty, like the others, the 3rd cycle has 4 years. We wanted to create a year of professionalization where these young doctors could go to medical deserts, but with a doctor very close to their faculty. They will remain within their geographic jurisdiction and will be billed on a fee-for-service basis. These are about 4,000 young doctors who can go anywhere in France“. Bruno Retailleau also says he is in favor of installation freedom for young doctors.”Germany tried the optional deal, it didn’t work because it was mandatory“.

“The veil is a tool of subjugation and apartheid of women in the national community”

Aurélie Pradié, Bruno Retailleau’s rival for the presidency of LR, has declared that she may be in favor of a veil ban on the street. “The mother is in a very strong position Bruno Retailleau provides: the veil must be fought. The veil is not an instrument of freedom, but of subjugation of women and apartheid in a national community, between true believers and unbelievers.”

“We have to enforce our unenforceable laws first!“”Let’s do what François-Xavier Bellamy, president of the LR group in the European Parliament, has done. adds the senator. He accepted the amendment to the European Commission banning the promotion of the headscarf. I am very happy to congratulate François-Xavier Bellamy, who is leading this struggle in the European Parliament!”

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