What political future for Joe Biden and Donald Trump?

Historically, midterm elections in the United States have almost always resulted in some form of sanction for the tenant of the White House, so we can bet this year will be the same for Joe Biden. In other words, the progressive America that won only two years ago should now be followed a priori by a conservative America along this fault line that runs between two blocs both distinct and monochrome across the Atlantic. And yet, the president’s camp will try to fill the left and center votes by framing the opposition as a threat to democracy until the end. Barring an average price increase of more than 8% in a year, Joe Biden (despite his improbable reform record) will fail to establish himself as a middle-class president. So all recent opinion polls now give the Republicans a majority in the House and possibly the Senate.

Still, you have to be careful with surveys. First, because opinion polls have rarely looked so inconclusive, especially given the spectacular weight of early voting. And then because at least five special elections since this summer have allowed Democrats to do well, much to everyone’s surprise. So, in the end, the vote should actually only be held in a few key states.

This is especially the case in Pennsylvania, where the outcome of the election will depend heavily on the balance of power in the Senate. There, when the Democratic candidate decided to throw all his forces into the fight for abortion rights, his Republican opponent (knowing that his position could cost him votes) focused on fighting crime, especially intimidation. legalization of all drugs.

Other news headlines

They seem more and more determined every day. In Iran, nearly two months after the death of young Mahsa Amin, not only is the Islamic Republic facing its worst protest since its founding in 1979, but the insurgency now raging is clearly not ready to stop. . Although this repression did not weaken further: about 300 dead and 14,000 arrests.
Guest editor: Mahnaz Shirali, sociologist and political scientist specializing in Iran.

After the confessions of the French cardinal, the former archbishop of Bordeaux, also the former president of the Bishops’ Conference, Jean-Pierre Ricard (who himself encouraged his hierarchy to break the silence), the sky fell again on the Catholic Church yesterday. ) and who admitted in the letter that he sexually assaulted a minor thirty-five years ago. After that, the prosecutor’s office started a preliminary investigation. And above all, this revelation now brings to 11 the number of Catholic hierarchs involved in such cases. This raises the question of the appointment of bishops, who suffer from particularly serious problems.

The revelations from the Disclosure information site this morning are pretty bad. Or when we learn that the Energy Transition Minister, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, is connected to a company her father created, which emerged from tax havens and shares financial interests with Perenco, France’s second-largest crude oil producer after TotalEnergies.

Car manufacturer Renault said it is ready to make a historic turn this morning by launching a project to bring its electric cars to the Paris Stock Exchange. For the diamond group, whose finances are still recovering, the project is certainly aimed at attracting investors. Specifically, this should result in the creation of a new subsidiary (christened “Ampere”), which will have to oversee the production of electric vehicles. It is understood that these vehicles have a bright future in Europe, as the 27 approved a ban on new cars with combustion engines in 2035.

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