For the climate, another political project

The hopes raised by the signing of the Paris Agreement seven years ago have largely disappeared in the mists of pollution and mistreatment of people and the planet.

Limiting temperature rise to 1.5°C by 2100 now seems illusory. Experts predict that it will reach this fateful limit in 2035, that is, after thirteen years. The effects of the shocks are already there, and they are huge, especially in the countries of the South. A record heat wave in India, more than a thousand people died in Pakistan last September, victims of terrible floods, a severe drought in West Africa, a deadly hurricane in the United States, floods in Nigeria; intensified migrations under the influence of lack of water and food. This October, we will record temperatures of more than 30°C in the southern departments of France, after a summer in which 40,000 people had to be evacuated from their homes due to huge fires, especially in the Gironde. INSEE estimates the heat wave-related death toll at “probably” 11,000. So there is urgency. Absolutely urgent.

This one-sided propaganda makes you believe that everything depends on the motorist going to work

In such a context, the meeting of the new Climate Conference in Egypt should be useful and weigh in favor of decisions. hard blocking the path to the abyss. It should be noted that holding such a conference, which brings together all the countries of the world, is a positive thing at the present time, when wars and geopolitical-military tensions and clashes between great powers are increasing. This allows to continue dialogues, to make known proposals and possible cooperative actions. This is clearly not enough. Permanent instructions on the behavior of citizens cannot be enough. This one-sided propaganda convinces us that everything depends on the motorist going to work, the family struggling to keep warm, the small farmer who can’t take it anymore.

All these prescriptions, even if they are not completely useless, are primarily intended to hide the responsibilities of states and large multinational companies, especially those rooted in carbon energy.

Their earnings are everywhere at Zenit. However, all scientists now unite to show that it is impossible to keep global warming below 2°C without questioning fossil fuels, the source of 90% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

Without addressing the causes, which continue to endlessly discuss the symptoms, i.e. gas, oil and coal, the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere perpetuates the foundations of destructive global capitalism.

It is time to push production and consumption systems from new energy sources

It is the reports of the IPCC and the International Energy Agency that recommend a moratorium on these energy sources and a ban on the exploitation of new fields. But for the sake of profit, states at the service of transnational companies and financial funds continue to develop the production and use of these resources. However, it is time to displace production and consumption systems from new energy sources. Protecting the climate also requires sharing and cooperation between the countries of the North and the South, which are in no way responsible for the current problems between the states. However, only fourteen countries have submitted the climate plan adopted at the previous conference to the UN.

We can only rebel. Neither France nor the European Union has passed a project, no matter how important it is to achieve the goals identified by the scientists. One hundred billion euros, which will replenish the climate fund intended to help poor countries, are still not given.

Paradox! One hundred billion is exactly the fund that Germany released in addition to increasing its military budget for rearmament.

The fight for disarmament and peace and the fight for life and climate are linked. The opening conference should enable the opening of a process that combines peace initiatives, activities for social and ecological progress, development of cooperation with the countries of the South, regulation of financial flows and state assistance to the social sphere thanks to popular movements. and environmental progress, ending fossil fuel subsidies.

The French government is committed to restarting public transport

The French government has an obligation to restart public transport, plan extensive housing renovations, help agro-ecological transformation of agricultural production… The implementation of the Paris Agreement cannot regulate competition, competition, militarization inherent in capitalism. its current deployment phase.

On the contrary, it calls to the common world, which is primarily the human and its environment, the future of humanity.

We cannot pretend to save the planet by oppressing its inhabitants and overusing nature. Defenders of capitalism have done everything to prevent climate conferences from making binding decisions that undermine their system or simply regulate the world economy.

Article 35 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change states that they cannot make decisions that are “arbitrary or unjustified discrimination in international trade or disguised barriers to that trade.”

Therefore, it is forbidden to limit or even change the factors of capitalist globalization. Yet indeed free trade agreements, produced by the overexploitation of workers and land, subsoil, oceans, forests, monopolized waters and air pollution, with more and more goods flowing around the planet, feed the infernal machine. planet.

We must break away from the capitalist scheme that reduces land, forests, oceans, food, work and creation to economic assets to be profitable only for the benefit of the dominant few.

Struggles for a new sense of work, reward and protection of the environment, as well as new empowerment for wealth-creating workers, and a fair distribution of knowledge and assets, are the two legs of the new project politics. ecology and work. This is a communist process in the original sense of the term.

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