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October 7, 2022 at 10:18 am.,
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Energy Policy

The signals did not deceive. The clumsily staged virtuous behavior of the ministers in recent days (fronts, down jackets and washcloths) suggested a plan of sobriety… sobriety in austerity. Goal: Help France reduce energy consumption by 10% Until 2024. This plan was expected because the government suddenly adopted this flagship concept of environmental thinking. The Prime Minister himself admitted that he few of us were familiar with this concept just a few months ago ». This time for sure: This is not a fashion for winter, but a new way of thinking and acting »Elisabeth Borne assured several hundred guests on Thursday, October 6, after a half-day of speeches by dozens of speakers, including eight ministers. Sobriety isn’t about growing up, it’s about common sense above all else »Agnes Pannier-Runacher defended the Minister of Environmental Transition.

Common sense, above all, to implement already existing measures, such as limiting the heating of public buildings, residential buildings and offices to a maximum of 19°C, included in the Energy Code from 2015, with the desire to reduce to 18°C. in case of mains voltage. This will be known through a electric air » : ecowatt tool promoted by network manager, ON.

Officials urged to wash hands with cold water

The plan calls for other efforts, especially in public services. Civil servants across the country are urged to wash their hands in cold water and drive more slowly on the highway (110 km/h). This measure, which only applies to a few hundred thousand government agents, is nevertheless effective: reducing your speed by 20 km/h saves 25 km on fuel. %, according to the Négawatt association. Cities with a population of more than 800,000 prefer telecommuting on public holidays and are required to turn off illuminated signs and advertisements between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. [1] this winter is stored.

On the transport side, the only measure concerns the use of cars with a financial incentive of 100 euros. [2] from 1er January, without taking any action in favor of trains or other public transport. In terms of resources, this plan costs the government almost nothing because it is based solely on goodwill and is accompanied by a massive communication campaign. every gesture counts ». Starting Monday, October 10, it will be reminiscent of the oldest gasp hunt during the oil crisis of the 1970s: lower heat, shorter wait times, a shift to intensive morning appliance use. , afternoon and evening peaks.

This is the first step »

of eco-gestures » it’s only 5 to 10 if it matters According to a 2019 study by the Carbone 4 firm, % of the potential reduction of a household’s carbon footprint. In any case, this plan will moderate the carbon impact as it targets electricity consumption above all to reduce winter. peaks, thereby ruling out any truly effective precautionary measures to combat greenhouse gas emissions – such as reducing meat consumption.

So it’s good to have a plan winter passes » and avoid unnecessary cuts that are far from realistic environmental planning. Despite its weak ambitions, the Negawatt association has been a champion of energy prudence for two decades the first step »His spokesman Yves Marignac said about it. Two years after Macron’s irony the amish example »happy with Reporter be alert for the first time openly the object of government measures » with decisions in the right direction » and a good coverage, sectors covered and quite a lot of consumables targeted ». Although not all means of implementation ». He especially regrets his absence a real system for monitoring and evaluating energy saving measures » he asked.

Lack of social justice measures »

At the Climate Action Network, we welcome this initiative and are interested in: Why did it take so long to implement these common sense measures? ? » asks Meike Fink, manager of the sobriety project. There are also things missing in the plan for him social justice measures »the only condition so this message of vigilance is heard ». He hopes That our more structural proposals will be listened to in terms of long-term and social justice ».

In a press release issued a few hours before the presentation,NGO The Greenpeace government was afraid limited to a communication campaign and a guide of small, purely provocative gestures, ignoring structuring and sustainable action in favor of social justice and climate protection, misses the boat ».

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