Government workshop to structure key back-to-school projects

Ladies and gentleman,

Today, on the eve of the beginning of the new school year, we conducted continuous work, rich and useful exchanges with the authority of the President of the Republic and with all members of the government.

We were able to share our political vision and build perspectives for the coming months.

The government has been working since last May and acted especially to continue to protect the French against rising prices.

Some measures are already in place, such as increasing pensions, social benefits or even tripling the purchasing power bonus. The SMIC was reassessed on August 1 for the third time since the beginning of this year.

Others are eagerly awaited and coming soon: 30 cents per liter fuel discount tomorrowExceptional schooling allowance for 11 million of the poorest households on 15 September or even a 4% revaluation of pensions by the end of the month.

Students, pensioners, workers, civil servants and the humblest households, all French people benefit from the measures taken by the Government. Scale dimensions unmatched elsewhere in Europe.

As the President reminded, we live it is a period of transition. At the international or environmental level, some of the risks we have felt for years relate to the daily lives of the French, who feel the effects very concretely.

This scorching summer, marked by drought and impressive fire episodes, has put each of us ahead of our responsibilities. It is no longer about condemnation, but about action. The risk of rising fuel prices or real gas shortages shows us that there is a price for defending our values ​​by supporting the Ukrainian people.

This observation is not wanting to play with fear, to manage arguments from the authorities, is to be transparent about what we have to face together. This is how we intend to overcome these challenges. This means proposing solutions and taking responsibility for discussing them.

This was the purpose of the workshop of the team I led to frame the government’s work on emergency projects, as well as the deep transformations we will have to undertake.

So, in this new school year and in the face of the great challenges that await us, it was important to come together:

– for remember our goals and priorities and set a schedule for the coming months ;

– for to share the worries and concerns of the French people and to clarify the diagnosis of the current situation ;

– and for agree with our way of working.

this morning I wanted to remind you that our activity should not be subject to the ambition of the President of the Republic and the fulfillment of his obligations and should always be guided by three principles. :

First transparency.

We will share with the French our objectives, the various options available to us and the limitations we face.

We will tell them where we are, what has progressed and where we still have progress.

That’s why I appointed it road maps to the ministers that we will reveal to the public. That’s why we’ve put together a list 60 government priority policies, accompanied by specific, purposeful goals. This list will be available to everyone.

This is the second principle listen and compromise.

It is a task given the situation. This is the demand that the French reminded us of during the legislative elections.

we will continue new method was launched last July in parliament, seeking a majority of drafts and ideas on each text.

we From September, we will conduct consultations according to the territories to come up with suitable solutions, especially in terms of education, health or environmental transition.

We will bring together all political, economic, social and associative forces National Reconstruction Council. We want to act in the spirit of dialogue and shared responsibility.

This is the third principle we will follow efficiency.

The French should know that we speak to do, to be useful, never to argue.

We must ensure that everyone is innovative and committed to action. This is the case in the administrations as well as in the government team, and the President of the Republic will bring together the heads of the central administration in the fall. Public administration contract.

We are ready to implement the great transformations that await us around these principles and start the necessary reforms.

The president determined course. It is clear: to build a strong France in an independent Europe.

He reminded us obligations : no debt increase, no tax increase.

He reaffirmed that work is at the heart of our activity, as it is the best response to the crisis and a condition for strengthening our position in Europe and the world.

In the coming weeks and months we will have four main battles.

The first battle is an environmental switch.

We will develop an action plan to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. We will do it sector by sector, territory by territory. This is the principle itself environmental planning, I am personally responsible for this.

We also want everyone to be fully aware of the challenges and realities of climate change. This afternoon we heard an enlightening presentation by Valérie Masson-Delmotte. We agreed to that government groups and 25,000 government officials will be trained on the ecological transition.

The second struggle is full employment.

Thanks to reforms implemented since 2017, the unemployment rate has reached a 15-year low and full employment is within reach.

Work is the key to freedom and dignity. We must remove all the brakes that weigh down the labor market and carry out the necessary reforms so that France is closer to our neighbors in terms of employment, especially for the young and the elderly.

The third battle is sovereignty.

We must establish the terms of our energy, industry, food, digital and cultural sovereignty in French and European.

We must defend our strategic autonomy around a strong military.

We must strengthen our borders.

We must be flexible to defend our values ​​and our democracy. The President of the Republic also announced the holding Common property on the right to information until November.

Finally, our fourth battle is equal opportunity.

We cannot accept that destiny is written from birth. We will continue to attack all sources of inequality one by one.

This applies to everyday safety. This is the basis of our republican pact.

This refers to the defense of republican unity and the fight against radical Islam.

This applies to education, health, justice, unity between territories.

These goals are not simple statements of principle.

They will spin around measures and reforms that we will include in the exact schedule.

The first texts submitted to the Council of Ministers during September will reflect these priorities:

– on unemployment insurance;

– for the development of renewable energy;

– and the guidance and programming bill of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The following weeks will also be noted by studying financial textsthe finance bill and the social security financing bill.

This will be an opportunity for a parliamentary session Three important debates on Ukraine, our energy policy and immigration.

In paralleldiscussions will begin
The evolution of our organizationsWith the establishment of the inter-party commission requested by the President of the Republic.

We will also launch end-of-life counseling that many of our compatriots are waiting for.

The year 2023 then it will allow the start of new major projects for our country and the French people.

We will see in the parliament various texts :

– military programming law;

– A bill to improve daily justice after the Estates General;

– an energy-climate programming bill that will affect our environmental planning. After that, it will be up to us to divide it by sectors, territories;

– we will also examine texts related to immigration;

– full employment,

– Legislative provisions resulting from consultations on education to initiate specific changes from the beginning of the 2023 academic year;

– and finally, the bill on the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Our government works with a single compass efficiency and usefulness. In a busy parliamentary calendar, we will implement our priorities, ensure that these texts change the lives of our compatriots in a concrete way.

We will implement these projects in a new way.

The President of the Republic will launch the CNR next weekNational Council for Reconstruction, in Markoussis:

– It will bring together around fifty representatives and experts of our society to illuminate the debate: Corinne Le Quere, President of the Supreme Council for Climate, Francois Villeroy de Galhau, Governor of the Banque de France, and Pierre Moscovici, First President of the Court of Auditors;

– the purpose of this CNR is to make a common diagnosis, share limitations, agree on method and schedule;

– will intervene in the upstream and downstream of legislative work;

– 5 themes will be addressed: full employment, schooling, health, aging well and ecological transition. Each minister responsible for one of these topics will then have to continue their views in the thematic CNRs. Appropriate actors will be invited for each theme;

– The next CNRs in the global format will meet under my chairmanship.

As you understand, we are ready to act at the service of the French. Every day counts for building a stronger and fairer Nation.

You can count on my government.

It is a diverse and experienced team.

And a united team around the desire to work and take action.

This is a team that epitomizes the excess that the President of the Republic aspires to: thinking outside the box and ready-made solutions, determined to benefit the French.

Thank you very much.

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