CIIE helps implement the country’s open door policy

Becoming an international public asset to be shared with the world, the China International Import Expo (CIEE) is an increasingly important platform for China to expand its high level of openness and promote high-quality development. growing global protectionism according to various experts and business leaders.

CIIE is the world’s first import exhibition. It has yielded successful results over the past four years and should continue to be a great way for global players to tap into the Chinese market, they said.

According to the CIIE Bureau, the event will be held from November 5 to 10 at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center and has attracted participants from more than 145 countries, regions and international organizations.

A total of 284 Fortune Global 500 companies and global leaders representing various industries will participate in this year’s corporate exhibitions, which is more than last year’s total. About 90% of this year’s exhibitors participated in the previous edition.

Zhou Mi, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation in Beijing, said that with the conclusion of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CCP), the country embarked on a new journey of modernization.

“This inspires us to develop cooperation with others around the world, especially as rising protectionism in some countries is hurting international cooperation and trust,” Zhou said.

“Under such circumstances, CIIE, an innovative and high-quality platform, will have significant value in expanding China’s openness, increasing bilateral trade, facilitating high-quality development and building confidence in multilateralism.” “he said.

The CIIE Bureau noted that many new products, technologies and services to be showcased at the exhibition will debut in China, Asia or the world during the event.

China’s Vice Minister of Commerce Sheng Qiuping said at an earlier press conference that CIIE has played an active role in promoting industrial and consumer improvements, improving supply in the domestic market, and also facilitating the creation of a new “dual cycle”. a domestic market-based development model that allows domestic and foreign markets to reinforce each other.

Hong Junjie, vice president of Beijing International Business and Economics University, said CIIE demonstrates the strong resilience of China’s economy and the great attractiveness of the country’s large market.

“The event opens a window for global companies to better understand China. It also showed the world China’s unwavering commitment to actively expand its openness and share development opportunities and dividends with the rest of the world, which will greatly contribute to stabilizing confidence in the global economy. “, Mr. Hong argued.

International companies participating in the exhibition also expressed confidence in China’s growth prospects, thanks to the country’s determination to expand its opening and share development dividends with foreign companies.

They expressed their special gratitude for the benefits CIIE has given them.

“Despite the uncertainty of the external environment, CIIE will be held offline as planned. It is this kind of certainty that gives the world more confidence in China’s stability and determination to grow with its global partners,” said Pietro Brambilla, L’Oréal’s Chief Financial Officer for North Asia and China.

“Over the past five years, we can truly say that CIIE has brought tremendous benefits beyond the borders of China, allowing enterprises to achieve solid profits and great progress,” he declares.

Bob Bradway, chairman and CEO of US biotech company Amgen, said the CIIE exemplifies China’s strong economic growth, innovative strength and growing openness to win-win cooperation with other countries.

Mike Mussallem, president and CEO of American medical company Edwards Lifesciences, said that CIIE allows multinational organizations to gain more opportunities for cooperation with China, adding that his company wants to demonstrate innovation and develop new and broader cooperation with more Chinese. is going to do. Clinicians and partners through CIIE.

Adele Tao, vice president of Lixil Group, a Japanese plumbing products supplier, also said that multinational companies can share more “Chinese capabilities” and “global capabilities” to achieve openness and results. Win-win through CIIE.

Lixil hopes to strengthen ties with China and other countries, strengthen business development and cooperation worldwide, and explore sustainable life opportunities through CIIE’s expanding “circle of friends”.

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