Carcassonne. Nathalie Louveau “shreds” the political film with the poster of the 5th FIFP

An illustrator and designer based in Montolieu has created a poster for the 5th International Festival of Political Films (FIFP): it is a piece where he wants to combine the two important aspects of politics and cinema, as well as the dimension of citizenship.

Author, illustrator, designer, designer. Without forgetting him “former cartoonist”. Nathalie Louveau has been exploring genres for years, whether colored pencils, India inks or watercolors.

At Editions du Cabardès, between the Canal du Midi, the Middle Ages and the Occitan language, he explored subjects from guidebooks to postcards. An indefatigable traveler, Mayenez has been dropping off his suitcases at Montolieu for years. His latest book, Aude, a travel diary, is a home port from which he regularly sets aside for a sketchy chronicle of a year’s wanderings in these adopted lands: meeting places and especially others. The book that plays a central role in the latest adventure that was realized yesterday with the official presentation of the poster for the 5th edition of the International Film Festival of Politics (FIFP)… Nathalie Louveau: “I was at the Porte d’Aude, painting during a sketch tour organized by Enzo Lefèvre (FIFP director, editor’s note) he crossed paths with a volunteer who knew my work, especially my latest book.’ First contact before the new meeting on July 6th. At the center of the discussions is the idea of ​​entrusting the filmed “restitution” of the Festival, scheduled for January 12 to 16, 2023, to Nathalie Louveau. “To offer a rendering through the people involved and to give all its value back to the person, to the little hands. There is already a photography. With painting we can convey another aesthetic. It is also an opportunity. not to forget the volunteers, an important gear.”

Nathalie Louveau.

With that “carte blanche to sneak around”Nathalie Louveau will work in her favorite area: “Painting in the middle of people is my favorite thing.” The meeting with FIFP officials will conclude with a question about the 2023 poster, which the organizers have not decided yet. The starting point of the double whammy for Nathalie Louveau: It was kept for the poster in mid-September, but it is still to be decided for this restoration, which will also take shape, “booklet, exhibition, means of communication”. In less than two months, the designer had to put together the specifications of the poster and find inspiration in it. “A very open field. It was necessary to mix cinema and politics, to translate concepts of citizenship, collective, urban life.” Between researching politics, parties, reminiscing about working with prisoners in a voting detention center or even watching a series of trailers, Nathalie Louveau shapes “her” film culture in Politics. With the idea of ​​animating in the poster a “people panel”, citizens. To the click from the memory of the Diego Rivera murals he brought back from his trip to Peru in 2018: “I remembered a young girl lifting the veil with the flight of a butterfly.” Translated to FIFP: “An illuminated cinema screen to show to the citizens.”

This civic assembly found them in the “casting” of the 4th edition of FIFP, with the exception of the teenager who raised the curtain – a close friend of the artist – Nathalie Luvo. “wink to destination watchers” : with Pierre Niney, in “Goliath”; Simone Veil, for “Simon, Voyage of the Century”; Greta Thunberg, holding a placard; “According to the police” officials; as well as the characters of the films “Islanders”, “Investigation of the State Scandal”, “Great Freedom”. A lot of movies that seduce, move, convince, win. Many aspects of politics in a broad sense. An opportunity to express yourself with this poster as well for the artist participating in the Montagne Noire Avenir and ForêtVert associations. “A commitment that makes sense in relation to my values ​​and beliefs”.

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