How to recover unsaved/deleted PowerPoint file?

You would like to restore unsaved powerpoint on your computer. This was accidentally closed before I had time to save it. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into it, so you can’t afford to lose it. If so, this article will be very useful for you in this situation. Indeed, you will find several solutions for this restore unsaved PowerPoint files Under Windows.

powerpoint without registration

We have included some screenshots in this article so that you can do this without any difficulty. So you won’t have any trouble recover your deleted PowerPoint document even if you are a computer neophyte. Not as long as you apply the methods described below to the letter, anyway.

How to recover unsaved or deleted PowerPoint file in Windows?

Solution 1: Recover the PowerPoint file with Office AutoRecover

Your PPT document closed unexpectedly. So you couldn’t save the last changes you made to it. If so, know that you can easily recover it with Office AutoRecover. This is enabled by default in recent versions of Microsoft Office PowerPoint since 2007.

Here it is how to restore unsaved powerpoint By using Office’s automatic backup feature.

Step 1: Access Office PowerPoint’s “Record” option

  • Launch the PPT program and select ” Options“.
powerpoint-unsave option
powerpoint-unsave option
  • Then click on ” Registration“.

Step 2: Get the Office AutoRecover PPT file location

To get the latest version of your presentation automatically saved by Office PowerPoint, you need to know its location on your computer. To find out, just look at the selection ” Automatically restore file location “. You will actually find the path in front of it to the location of the auto backup file.

powerpoint does not save space
powerpoint does not save space

Step 3: Navigate to the location of the Office AutoRecover PPT file

Copy the location of the file to the PPT software and then paste it into the Windows File Explorer navigation bar.



It doesn’t matter if this first solution didn’t work for you. Other more effective solutions are available and can still help you recover PPT.

Solution 2: Recover deleted PowerPoint file using Tenorshare 4DDiG Data Recovery [le plus efficace]

Recovering an accidentally deleted or overwritten PowerPoint file is also possible with specialized software such as 4DDiG Data Recovery. Very easy to use and free, this software will be your best ally to recover your precious PPT document. We show you how to find unsaved powerpoint with 4DDiG.

Step 1: Install 4DDiG Data Recovery on your computer

First, you need to install Tenorshare 4DDiG Data Recovery on your computer.

After connecting to the platform, download the compatible version of the program for a computer (Windows or Mac).

  • To download the version for Mac, you must first click on the link ” Also available for Mac“. It is located immediately under ” To download “.

Step 2: Select the storage where the lost PPT file is saved

After installing 4DDiG Data Recovery, launch it. You’ll find all local drives… as well as external media connected to your device. Select the one you lost to restore your presentation. If it’s not already connected to a computer, now is a good time to do so.


Step 3: Scan the files

After the driver is selected, you need to analyze it. Into pop-up when prompted, you will be asked to select the file types to restore. You have five options in total: Photo, Video, Document, Audio and Other. Since the file to be recovered is a PowerPoint presentation, you must uncheck all file types except document.

  • After finishing ” Scan Document Onlyto start scanning.

Step 4: Recover accidentally deleted PowerPoint file

After scanning the drive, Tenorshare 4DDiG Data Recovery displays the results. You will refine the search to quickly find your PPT presentation.

To do this, start checking the categories of the file to be restored in the column on the left. This is an accidentally deleted document, so please check the categories” Deleted files“and” Basket “.

does not save powerpoint-trash
does not save powerpoint-trash
  • PowerPoint files have the extension PPT or PPTX. You only need to check the format of your document to find them quickly.
  • Once the file format(s) have been verified, you can start recovering them. To do this, just press the button ” Buy it» placed on the lower right side of the screen. A pop-up will appear after the operation is complete. Click the “View” button to view the recovered files.

4DDiG can scan your lost files for free, if you find a file you want to recover, you need to purchase a 4DDiG registration code. 4DDiG website has 30% discount, compared to other data recovery products, 4DDiG is cheap.

So that ! That’s all you need to recover your deleted PPT file using Tenorshare 4DDiG Data Recovery.


Solution 3: Recover the unsaved PowerPoint file from temporary files

If you are not interested in the above methods, you can try to restore your PowerPoint document from temporary files. You may not know it, but Office temporarily stores unsaved files there. Recovery is possible within 4 days, of course, counting from the day the backup was made.

However, you will be able to find your file only if Autosave in PowerPoint is enabled when lost. Anyway, you don’t lose anything to check. Follow the path below to restore your unsaved PowerPoint presentation.

Step 1: Open Windows Explorer

Connect the buttons ” Win + E To quickly open Windows Explorer.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Office” or “UnsavedFiles” folder

Once File Explorer opens, enter one of the following paths in its local address field:

  • For Windows 7: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel
  • For Windows (11/10/8): C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\UnsavedFiles

Be careful to replace ” username with the name of the account you are logged into. Do this, or you’ll get an error message like this when you try to access one of these addresses.


You replaced it, but it didn’t change anything. This means that no temporary file was created by Office PowerPoint or it has already been deleted. In both of these cases, the file cannot be recovered.

Step 3: Recover unsaved PPT file from temporary files

On the other hand, if you manage to go to the address mentioned above, you will probably find a file there. If so, select it and then copy and paste it somewhere else.

Solution 4: Recover the unsaved PowerPoint file from a new PPT document

You closed your computer while working on one of your PPT presentations. So you didn’t have time to save it. No problem, we tell you how to find unsaved powerpoint from the new presentation.

Step 1: Launch the program and go to PowerPoint’s File tab

powerpoint doesn't save others
powerpoint doesn’t save others

Step 2: Access unsaved presentations

  • First, click on ” Other presentationsis located in the middle right column directly below the list of recent items.
  • Then select the option ” Restore unsaved presentations“.

Step 3: Restore the unsaved PPT to a new file

Into pop-up is an unzipped file. Select it, then “click” Open in the lower right tab of the pop-up window.

Then select ” Restorein the line above the file to save as a new PPT document.

Congratulations! You have just restored a PPT presentation from a new file.

Tips to prevent data loss in Windows

Many tricks are available and can help prevent data loss in Windows. But here we will talk to you only about the most practical, convenient and efficient. Here are some good tips to prevent other data loss on your computer.

  • Reduce the delay between automatic saving of PPT presentations. You can cut the time in half to always have the latest version of your presentation.
  • Save your work regularly using the shortcut ” CTRL+S“. Feel free to abuse it.
  • Preferably edit your PowerPoint documents on a computer with some autonomy. If you work on a desktop, consider connecting it to a UPS. Thus, you will not be exposed to more losses due to power outages.
  • To avoid irreversible data loss, replace your drive early at the first signs of failure.
  • Don’t use up all the free space on your drives or USB keys to avoid losing important data. It is recommended to keep at least 25% of disk space free to avoid any failure.
  • Back up your important files to one or more external media at least once a month. For more security and convenience, you can choose online storage locations like Google Drive.
  • Avoid carrying or moving the notebook when it is on or in standby mode.
  • Always make sure to properly eject removable media (USB external hard drive, USB key, etc.) before removing it from the computer.
  • Install an effective antivirus on your computer.

The result

Since losing PowerPoint can be detrimental, here are 4 different ways to recover an unsaved presentation. Depending on the situation or situation, some of them may be more suitable than others. Therefore, you will have to choose them according to the situation.

For example, in case of accidental deletion of PPT data, you can choose Tenorshare 4DDiG Data Recovery solution. Reliable, fast and accessible to all users, even beginners.

The valuable tips given at the end of the article will be very useful for you. Because, they will help you to prevent data loss in Windows and use your files whenever you want.

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