Why does Tesla have so much stock of the Model Y engine?

If you’re interested in the entry-level Model Y without waiting a few months, the brand has several in stock. When certain buyers withdraw, others will surely follow.

When the price of the Model Y engine was announced below 50,000 euros, a large number of orders were recorded by the brand. Deadlines for this model were quickly extended, especially at an attractive price compared to the Tesla Model 3. After some buyers backed out, some new Model Y Propulsions are now unclaimed in stock.

The thirty models in stock will probably disappear as quickly as they appear. If they don’t find a buyer through this channel, their VIN number will almost certainly be transferred to another customer waiting for their order.

Why are so many Model Ys suddenly available?

This is a fairly common phenomenon at Tesla since the arrival of more “affordable” models in the range of the American manufacturer. We’ve already seen this effect with impulsive driving at the launch of the Model 3. Then some customers, tired of waiting for the model to be delivered after a few years, eventually backed out. Which usually left Model 3s in storage for a few hours at most.

Tesla Model Y // Source: Tesla

With the Model Y rear wheel, this is not a timeout issue. Just two months have passed since the opening of orders on August 26, 2022. To understand why customers are drawn back, you need to look at the recall side of Tesla cars.

Among the entry-level Model Y buyers are many Model 3 owners who want to enjoy a more practical vehicle with limited financing. Except for some of these customers, part of the purchase was based on the resale value of their Model 3, and the situation is clearly not in their favor.

Tesla Model Y engine in stock // Source: Tesla website
Tesla Model Y engine in stock // Source: Tesla website

Price drops for Model 3 trade-ins are preventing some customers from completing their orders

Tesla groups and forums often reflect this. The second-hand rating of the Model 3 sedan got even worse. We have already observed that the price curve started to descend rapidly just 15 days after the launch of the Model Y engine, as the supply and demand game was completely reversed in a matter of days.

We got the testimony of Sébastien L., who is already facing a not-so-good equation and will probably have to forgo getting the Model Y he ordered. A Model Y that we will find later on the Tesla website like the others

At the end of August 2022, when the Model Y was announced for €49,990, Sébastien did a quick calculation. On that date, Tesla bought back a Model 3 Grande Autonomie with 54,000 km for €46,000: ” Although it cost me a little over €3,000 out of pocket for the Model Y, it was doable. »

First Tesla Model 3 capture offer // Source: Capture mail Sebastien L
First Tesla Model 3 capture offer // Source: Capture mail Sebastien L

Additionally, Tesla trade-in offers are only valid for 7 days and only apply to new vehicle deliveries. A restoration estimate of €46,000 (valid until September 2nd) is now just €35,989 after renewal. Sébastien told us: I was willing to discount a maximum of 2,000 euros, we are over 10,000 euros. The difference is too big for me, it’s not worth it anymore. Sébastien is far from the only one in this situation, with the difference between the first recovery estimate and the current one averaging between €10,000 and €15,000. Many were hoping to see a white or cheap deal by switching from the Model 3 to the Model Y, and not everyone will be able to afford the €10,000 (or more) to add on delivery.

Final purchase offer with €10,000 // Source: Tesla purchase order capture
Final purchase offer with €10,000 // Source: Tesla purchase order capture

Since mid-September, Sébastien has had time to become frustrated as his chances of opportunity dwindle. The dream of being able to afford a Model Y leaves only disappointment, especially if he cancels his order and loses the €250 deposit he paid. On the other hand, while the emotional uplift isn’t terrible, he’s happy to be able to continue driving the Model 3 he bought long before the current price hikes.

The unhappiness of some may lead to the happiness of others, so there is a Model Y to buy before you wait. If you find a configuration you like there, it might be a good deal.

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