LastPass vs. 1Password: How to choose between two great password managers?

Passwords are part of our lives. If you’re one of those people who reuses the same passwords everywhere, you should seriously consider using a password manager.

But there are many, so which one is right for you?

Here I will look at the two most popular options: LastPass and 1Password. The pros and cons of each are listed below.

What is a password manager?

A password manager is software or a combination of online services and programs that keep your passwords safe and secure. It also makes them available on each of your devices.

As password managers… it’s important to choose a service that’s reliable, trustworthy, and secure as you store your passwords.

I’ve used LastPass and 1Password extensively and found them both to be very capable password managers. Although they look quite similar on the surface, there are a few key differences between the two that may affect your choice.

Let’s explore the sets.

Technical comparison


Key Features :

  • The settings allow all kinds of customization through the web interface.
  • Limited “free” selection
  • It uses browser extensions on most desktop operating systems
  • LastPass offers three single-user and family plans, as well as a subscription for business users.


Free: €0

  • Unlimited password storage
  • Sign in on a single device type – desktop or mobile
  • 30 Day Premium Trial
  • Save and autofill passwords
  • Sharing between users (max. two)
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • password generator

Premium: €2.90 per month

  • All free features included
  • Access on all devices
  • Sharing between multiple users (unlimited)
  • 1 GB of encrypted file storage
  • Security summary
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Emergency access
  • Priority technical support

Families: €3.90 per month

  • All Premium features included
  • 6 individual and encrypted safes
  • Dashboard to manage users and their security
  • Grouping and sharing items in folders
  • Multiple individual encrypted storage locations


256-bit AES encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 for master passwords.

Multi-factor authentication support.


Biometric support


1 Password

Key Features :

  • It’s easy to install and very easy to transfer to another device.
  • Apps are available on all platforms
  • Additional “secret key” protection.
  • 1Password offers two plans for individuals as well as plans for businesses.


Individual: €2.99 per month

  • Apps for Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux and Chrome OS
  • Unlimited passwords, notes and 1 GB of document storage
  • 24/7 email support
  • 365 days of item history to recover deleted passwords
  • Travel mode
  • Two-factor authentication for added security

Families: €4.99 per month.

  • All the features of 1Password
  • Invite up to 5 people
  • Add additional users for €1 per month
  • Passwords, credit cards, secure records, etc. share it.
  • Control what your family members can see and do
  • Recover blocked accounts of family members


AES 256-bit encryption with PBKDF2 hash for master password and additional backup of 28-bit private key.

Multi-factor authentication support.


Biometric support


You should choose LastPass if…

1. You want a free service.

LastPass has a free (and limited) version that only allows you to use it on one type of device (either a computer or a mobile device) at a time. If you don’t want to access your passwords on both devices, the free option will suffice.

2. You prefer to work in a web browser.

LastPass uses browser extensions on desktop OS. So there is no software to download. It works well for people who are comfortable with a web browser.

3. You like to dive into settings.

LastPass offers many settings and customization options. You can configure LastPass to restrict account access from certain countries or to disassociate all registered devices.

Lastpass is a very popular password manager, available in free or paid version and compatible with all Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS platforms.

  • Downloads: 4
  • Release date: 28/10/2022
  • Author: LastPass
  • License: Free license
  • Categories:
    Internet – Utilities – Security
  • Operating system : Android – Google Chrome extension – Mozilla Firefox extension – Linux – Windows – iOS iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch – macOS

1 You must choose a password if…

1. You prefer apps over add-ons

If you want to access your passwords through a dedicated application on your computer, 1Password is the platform for you. It offers apps for Windows, Mac, ChromeOS and Linux machines.

2. You have a big family.

1Password’s family plan allows five people to use the service, but you can add more for $1 a month. This is a pretty good deal, and only 1Password accepts this model.

3. You value community support

While 1Password offers a wide variety of troubleshooting solutions, the service’s strength lies in its very active forum. Most users will find answers to their questions on the forum more quickly than through traditional support channels (which are still useful).

4. You’re traveling and want to protect your data.

If you’re worried about crossing borders with sensitive information about you, 1Password lets you delete everything before it crosses the border. You can then restore your data with one click.


1Password est un gestionnaire de mots de passe multiplateforme, qui permet de stocker tous ses mots de passes et autres données sensibles, et de les retrouver depuis n’importe quel poste.

  • Téléchargements : 2
  • Date de sortie : 28/10/2022
  • Auteur : AgileBits Inc.
  • Licence : Démonstration
  • Catégories :
    Utilitaires – Sécurité
  • Système d’exploitation : Android – Extension Google Chrome – Extension Microsoft Edge – Extension Mozilla Firefox – Linux – Windows – iOS iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch – macOS


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